Updates Complete!


Hello my faithful readers,

The updates to my new paperback edition of my book are complete and available for sale in the USA, UK, Europe (with the Euro I think), France, Italy, and Germany  – all via Amazon. For USA it is also available via Create Space. Link for Create Space below:


For some reason the Amazon one is displaying the info for my Kindle Version… But it is up there. After the whole “Amazon.com” add dp/1975611586 to get my book via Amazon.

For Canada, I will let you know when my book will be available in paperback there.

Aside from Australia (already have a request), are there any other countries (i.e. Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, etc.) where I have readers (you, possibly) that want my book available in paperback? Please let me know in comments! I want to get my book to anyone who wants to read it and with God’s help, hopefully I can make it happen – for Jesus said in Matthew 19:26 that “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.” And God promises in Isaiah 55:11 that His word (which He spoke through me since the Holy Spirit helped me write the book) will not return void but will produce fruit. So many of you made this book possible to begin with, so it would only be right that you be able to read it no matter what country you are in. For Japan, I do believe it is available for Kindle, or whatever the Japanese equivalent might be. And it definitely is for Australia (available for Kindle).

Thank you all for your patience as I got things figured out, and for continued patience as I get it figured out how to make my book available worldwide! God bless!


Another Book Update (Sorry for any Inconvenience)

Dear readers,

For those of you who either purchased my book on Kindle or are reading it on Kindle Unlimited or through KOLL, please go to “Manage Your Content and Devices” on Amazon and under Devices scroll down to “Your Book Updates” and check and see if “automatic updates” is turned ON. If not, please turn it on to receive an update I did around 5-5:30AM this morning that I believe has been posted to Amazon. That way you will have the latest version of my book.

For anyone wanting my paperback version, you will need to wait until my review on create space has been finalized and then proofed by me and approved to upload onto the 2-3 site addresses I gave yesterday for createspace and Amazon.

Sorry for any inconvenience! To err is human, to forgive is Divine. So please forgive me, as I am a first-time author and have limited funds so I had no one to help me with the editing of my book. But I made sure I looked more closely this time and I definitely got the 2 remaining spelling errors, and a possible place of confusion (since it was for me when I read it this morning) corrected too. If you have any questions about this, please let me know! Thank you for being patient and understanding! God bless!

Ask and You Shall Receive! (Update)

Jesus promises us in Matthew 7:7-8 Ask, and you shall receive.” I am paraphrasing, but is essentially what He is promising us.

People have been asking me (especially those I tell about my book in person/via word of mouth) if my book is available in paperback, and looked disappointed when I said no. Well last night (Friday night) I worked long and hard to get a paperback version going via createspace. I woke up this afternoon (Saturday) to an email from them telling me I had been approved and just needed to proof everything to make sure I am happy with the way they put my book together. I proofread it thoroughly and was satisfied so I approved it. Now it’s for sale on the createspace website here:


Or available via Amazon here:



For Canada and the rest of the European countries on Amazon (like France and Italy), it is not yet available but I will keep anyone interested posted.

Thank you again, my faithful readers, for getting me to where I am today (published first via Kindle Direct Publish in eBook, and now in paperback via createspace.com). It was God first and foremost who helped, but it was also you, my faithful readers who have read what I have been posting about (usually advice with Scripture backup) since I first started writing on here 4 summers ago!  God bless to all of you, whether you’ve been with me from the beginning, a year, a week, or a day!

I was so excited I purchased 4 copies! Problem is, I could barely afford those 4 and so I have no idea who I will end up sending them to in my family or circle of friends! But oh well, surely God will let me know who each book will go to and will let me know in His time. I am sure they will be people that want to read it, and possibly need to. That is all I can ask… that my book continues to reach people who want/need to know the Truth about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Scripture and/or who need hope and anchor for their faith for difficult times. I want what God wants: for everyone to be saved! (2 Peter 3:9) And God promises in Isaiah 55:11 that His word bears fruit wherever He sends it. God’s Holy Spirit helped me write the book, so God was speaking through me in my writing. Since that is the case, surely God will send His own Word out where it needs to go, and it will bear fruit (the right people will find my book and read it with their Bible, or access to Scripture online or via a Bible app). I have the link to bible.com in my book, so for the eBook version, readers can just click on it. For the paperback, they can just enter the web site address into their browser to read Scripture as they read my book. Or for those who have Bibles, hopefully they read them both (my book + Holy Bible) together!


August 15, 2017

Hey everyone, before I go to bed, I just wanted to share with you that I am now part of GoodReads. They are reviewing my information to declare my profile to be an author one and since I just filled out the information they asked for, I am waiting to hear from them about it.

You can find my GoodReads profile here: goodreads.com/AlexisKaye

If you want to add me/follow me on there and want me to follow you on there, feel free to add me. I try to follow back as many people as I can, as long as their content is clean and does not go against what I believe (my faith in God). Thank you for stopping by to read my latest update! Goodnight/day everyone and God bless!


Preview My Book!

Hello my loyal readers,

I just discovered a way you can get a free preview of my book more easily! Click the link below:

Just click “Free Preview”, and it will take you to the 1st chapter of my book!

Do not forget to have your Bible or http://www.bible.com (or the Bible app which is the same as bible.com but the app version for phones) while reading my book once you have purchased it! I hope you will read it and that God will bless you and open your eyes, heart, and mind as you do read my book with your Bible or Bible app/website, and that you get what you need out of it. God bless!

I am thankful to God for helping me write these blogs that (the best ones) turned into the book it is now, for helping me publishing it, and for you, my loyal readers who keep coming back when I post something new. I am also thankful for new readers I get when I post something new. In other words, I am thankful for all of you.

P.S. If anyone has any questions about my book, or about me (as it relates to my book), please let me know. I will do my best to answer the questions asked. Thank you.

Update to my Book

Dear readers,

Through the bad review of my first reviewer, I went back and looked at my book again and discovered some mistakes. I have corrected them and published them last night, and are now available. If you have my book, try to sync your Kindle or Kindle app and see if it uploads the updated version of my book.

If you have not yet gotten it, you can get it now here: https://www.amazon.com/Live-Godly-Life-Alexis-Wright-ebook/dp/B074196VMB/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500530872&sr=8-1&keywords=Alexis+Kaye+Wright

This book is for people who want to know the Truth (about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Bible), and/or who need a boost in their faith and want to learn how the Bible tells us to handle situations and how to stay in faith through trials. Jesus loves you, unconditionally! God bless to all of you!

Promotion for My Inspirational Book

Hello readers! For a limited time (until August 3rd), you can get my book How to Live a Godly Life: Things I Learned in my Walk with the LORD for free! Be sure to check it out if you have not already! I hope to bless others to know Jesus’ love – those not aware or who have forgotten – and to lead them to Jesus and the Bible. If anyone reads it and finds it helpful, please tell your family and friends!!!! I want the whole world to know Jesus loves them and that He does not love them any less during difficulties, but is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. In other words, I want to reach as many people as I can (with God’s help hopefully a number beyond what I can count) and touch them with the LORD’s love for them.


***Update*** Sorry everyone, I got the end date mixed up. Promotion ends Thursday, August 3rd!

I also added some info about me (the author) which you can see under the detailed description of the book (i.e. length of pages and stuff).

God bless to all of you!


P.S. I also have a new author page with Amazon with their Amazon Central page.