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How I Feel About My Mom’s Death

I wrote this poem a couple of days ago after waking up from a bad dream where I could not find my mom and it was close to my birthday and I woke up with overwhelming grief and write out how I felt in my journal and then I wrote this:

“It has been almost 14 years to the day
Since she passed away
My mom is gone, alive on Earth no more
Since being hit by a car in December of 2017, I feel the loss stronger than ever before

Where was God when she felt unloved?

Where was God when her spirit was crushed,
and her heart and soul were broken?
Why did He let her die with her heart not able to be fully open?
Unable to open her heart to receive God’s, mine, and others’ love for her inside.
If she had, maybe she would not have cried and cried, and given up on living (and recovering from her heart attacks), or made the decision to go Home and die.
My Mom’s death left a huge hole in my heart and in my life.
And the worst part is I never got to say goodbye to her while she was still (barely) alive.

God promises me my heart He will mend
And He promises me I will see my Mom again, on the day I die and He brings me Home to Heaven.
But right now I miss her so much it hurts.
And in my life, there are days I see no worth.
I am putting in energy and time to work through my grief.
Death is a rotten, dirty thief!
But deah does Not have the final word.
My pain and tears, God has not ignored.
My health, heart, relationships and everything else will be FULLY Restored!
By the LORD, my God, Whom I love and adore.”

I also read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 to remind myself that I will see my mom again and be reunited with her forever. I also read verses like Psalms 34:17-20, 147:3 and Zephaniah 3:17 when I am really missing my mom and need to know God cares and is here with me.

Thank you to everyone that takes the time to read this. I miss my mom a lot and the anniversary of her death (June 28, 2006) is coming up… So prayers and hugs appreciated and I keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. ūüíúūüôŹ

P.S. If there is anyone else missing a lost loved one, I can pray for you if you let me know, or we can talk about it if you need someone to talk to. God bless and may God’s peace be with you All!

Happy Resurrection Sunday All! Jesus IS Risen!

Hey everyone, this #ResurrectionSunday (Easter), I want to share a worship song from Brian Littrell called Wish. The link is to a music video on YouTube of Brian singing how he wishes he had been there when Jesus was growing up, when He lay down His life for us, and is risen again. This song makes me cry every time because I actually imagine Jesus laying His will down at the garden where He prayed moments before being betrayed, asking the Father to please take the cup of grief from Him if possible, but not His (Jesus) will be done, but the Father’s will. (Luke 22:41-44)

He lay down His life for you and for me, and Brian paints a clear picture of Jesus’ life and betrayal that led to Him hanging on a cross, dying for us so we could be saved. And He is Risen TODAY, 3 days later, to reconcile us to God through Him, and also He gave us victory over death.

Take a moment and pray with me please: Heavenly Father, thank You for giving Your only Begotten Son, Jesus, to die for us. Jesus thank You for dying for me and for the whole world and being risen by the power of the Holy Spirit on this day over 2000 years ago to reconcile us to God and to conquer death once and for all for us. Thank You for bearing our sins and wounds and sicknesses so we could be healed by Your wounds, so the power of sin could be broken in our lives, and so we can live peaceful lives here on Earth and then spend eternity in Heaven with You and the Father.

And now I ask in Your Beloved Name for you to draw us all close to You and let those not saved take the steps to be saved, and let those of us who are saved be so close to Your heart that we will not be led astray. Forgive us all for all of our sins, cleanse us and create pure and undivided hearts in us, let us lean into Your faithful love and promises for protection, healing, and provision instead of giving in to any further panic the CV pandemic has caused all around the world, and like You withered the tree that would not give You a fig from the roots up, may You do the same with this virus and others like Cancer and Lupus, and Celiac Disease. Make it safe to give and receive hugs, kisses and other personal touches that allow us to feel the love others have for us, as well as Your love for us. Let Your love and light shine in our darkness and make all darkness disappear from our hearts, minds, and from our lives. Amen

Isaiah 53:5 tells us that “by His wounds you are healed.” If you need healing today, let what Jesus did for us on the cross over 2000 years ago, and his being risen back to life again open your hearts and minds to receive the healing Jesus wants to give you, and believe it is possible. It may not happen immediately, but You will notice a part of you healed whether physically, mentally and emotionally, or spiritually and let that give you hope that in His time, you will be fully healed. And ask Him what you are meant to learn or teach others through this pain and consider that God may be preparing to show His glory through You like in John 9 when Jesus healed a man blind from birth and told the disciples it was done (the man being born blind) for the glory of the Father. When His disciples and others saw the man being healed, everyone (including the man healed from his physical blindness) was amazed and people were praising God for the miracle they had witnessed. And the Pharisees wanted to know who had healed him and it was revealed eventually it was Jesus who did it and then He addressed the Pharisees about their spiritual blindness.

Now I admit, I am still asking God what the point of letting me be hit by a car but not bringing me Home to Heaven, but instead allowing me to suffer in immense chronic physical pain and anguish over it is. And someone spoke a healing prayer and did like a healing the way Peter did in the NT and I expected the healing to work. It worked a little bit for a brief time. I did what the man told me to do but I need to believe there is a reason it did not work and why I am not healed. It is possible that hurts from traumas in my past are stopping the healing from working, and God is working with me to heal from my past. So something good did come out of that healing prayer.

It is also possible to that people who are not focused on the negative or how things are now from a visual point if view could also look at me and marvel that I am still fighting the enemy daily to hold on to my faith and hope in Jesus, and be encouraged by it, and I am hoping that is true, so that my suffering can serve a positive purpose while I wait on God to be ready to fully heal me completely in every single way.

Brian ends his song Wish with the conviction (like he believes it without a doubt) that someday he WILL see Jesus and His mercy and grace, that he will see Jesus face-to-face. And the truth is, that when Jesus comes back, we will ALL see Him face to face. In the meantime, we live like Jesus (the best we can, with help from the Holy Spirit), believe His promises are for us, receive and accept His love and forgiveness for our sins in our hearts and love Him back with our whole being, and trust in His goodness and trust that He will heal the sick (including you if you need any form of healing), protect us from deadly plague and harm (read Psalms 91), and will provide us each with everything we need as we need it (Philippians 4:19). Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday everyone.

Being One’s True Self

Being One’s True Self

It is often written about in Bible plans, that it is important to be one’s true authentic self, which means talking about what is going on in your mind, expressing your feelings, confessing failures or other sins, admitting to doubts, and acknowledging your weaknesses. The world is all about idle chit-chat and keep conversation that is comfortable for you, and spending time with someone else when convenient for that person.

But deep conversations can become uncomfortable and outright gut-wrenching at times. And authentic friendships and other forms of authentic relationships are often inconvenient because emergencies arise, crises happen, and when someone needs you, it is not always going to be at a time that is convenient for you. You could be sleeping or at work, but if a family member, friend, or someone else in your life needs you then you need to be willing to stop what you are doing and be there for them, because someday the roles may be reversed and you may find yourself needing that person or someone else and they may be already busy doing something (or sleeping), but when you need help in a crisis then you expect the person you contact/go to, to drop everything and help. But if you are unwilling to help someone in need when they need you, why should they or anyone else drop what they are doing when it is you who needs them or someone else? The person you call on, if you are blessed beyond what you deserve, will come to your aid at once when you call them to, so why wait for that scenario to happen to you before you even consider why it is important to be there for the person who is calling on you in their time of need?

Yet this is what has been happening to me all too often. I used to have grear friends always there for me and let me be there for them, trusted me to be there for them through the good, the bad, the worst, and everything in-between.

And then one day after a few tragedies have occurred, they suddenly lock away their hearts and no longer trust me to be there for them and are unwilling to be there for me. I have no idea why the tragedies in our lives made them retreat, or how to get them back. I pray day and night for them to unlock their hearts and give them first to Jesus and for them, and me (I have trouble with the following as well) to have the blocks removed from our hearts preventing us receiving God’s love and forgiveness and for Him to mend our broken hearts and souls, crushed spirits, damaged minds and psyches and heal our bodies from all brokenness, all sickness, all disease, and all pain, injuries and wounds – known and unknown – and make our hearts able to receive and accept God’s love, forgiveness, and acceptance of us and to accept and receive the healing He promises us.

Not much has changed for some of them, and nothing appears have for 1 person in particular and it is frustrating because I expressed how I feel to him and my needs from him even on a friendship level, but received nothing in return. And with the stuff going on in thr world right now, I reached out (again) but this time to ask how he and his family are doing and make sure they are safe and getting all their physical needs met. And I’ve been praying without ceasing for him to open his heart to Jesus and also to me and to respond and for our relationship to be mended at whatever level God wants it to be. And I have been spending this extra free time I have lately to be in God’s Word more and meditate on the verses that “jump out” at me and make prayers out of them, in addition to the prayers I already pray for everyone all around the world in addition to those I care about. I also speak God’s promises out loud (softly), for others as well as for myself.

But it is not just older/longtime friendships that are disappearing, or where the person is abandoning me and not telling me why. Church family and other “Christians” I met online through a Christian support group I created about 3 and a half years ago who were helping me run the group and support and guide me in private too for a period of time but then ditched me withour a word. So whether someone has known me for more than 26 years or for 6 months, the 1 thing these relationships appear to have in common is that once they know me, they get sick of me being my genuine authentic self and trusting them with what is going on in my mind, heart, and life and no longer trusting me for reasons unknown, with what is going on inside their minds, hearts, or lives. So I am left with the bite of info I knew from before they acted that way, or what they posted online, and wondering what I did wrong to make them not want to be around me and to not trust me anymore.

I am human, I make mistakes. I’m not perfect, but I never claimed to ne or acted like I was. I make mistakes, I have feelings, I have a hard time handling stressful situations/circumstances, and need someone I can trust to help me even just by listening and being there, and who trusts me to be there and listen without judgment because I am not Jesus that I have the right to judge anyone else.

And that has been an issue in some of these relationships where I got abandoned! The other person mistook my caring about them and my concern for their hearts, souls, and wellbeing for judgment and refused to consider they were wrong and misunderstood me and were not interested in making amends because they were more interested in being right so they could justify in their minds their horrible behavior towards me. But the problem is they were completely wrong but no one likes hearing they are wrong and few admit it. I do. When I am wrong, I say it. I admit it completely and ask for forgiveness be it from God, the other person, or Both.

So where does that leave me? I apoligize even when I am not wrong because the friendship means more to me than being right, but that rarely ever matters to the other person so I keep being left alone, miserable, confused, hurt, and wondering why God keeps letting people abandon me when I do the best I can to be faithful and loyal to God and to these abandoners and everyone else too.

So let’s finally get to the point of this post. God calls us to be our true, authentic selves with Him and with others, especially in our close relationships! So why is it that the more myself I try to be, the lonelier I get as people continue to abandon me despite how kind, caring, loyal, faithful, and supportive I was to them? Why is it so many people, even those who call themselves Christians bail at the first sign of trouble, or when feelings get too messy and too negative, when a person appears to be too needy? I am not a selfish person all about take take take! I give a whole lot more than I tend to get back in return, and when it is the other person I notice having a bad day or in some form of crisis mode, I ask what is going on, listen, and do my best to be encouraging and uplifting, and supportive of them. Yet at some point, I keep getting abandoned by these people.

I understand that feelings can get messy and negative, and can become uncomfortable since we do not like negative stuff, but you will not find a life, including your own, that is 100% sunshine, rainbows, and (hypoallergenic) puppies and there is happiness all the time! That is simply not how life works, not on this side of life, anyway. People get into disagreements, misunderstandings happen and feelings get hurt, life and relationships get messy, and people make mistakes! Everyone goes through difficult situations and needs people who will be there for them during those times and not only for the good times. More importantly, we alm need God and Jesus during these times as well as during the good times and the in-between.

We need Jesus always. And open communication that is honest, respectful, kind, conoassionate, and thoughtful is a key to healthy relationships. Love and trust are also very important keys. However, love without trust kills the love and kills the relationship eventually if the things causing the trust issues are not properly dealt with. And it will not just be the other person you are leaving all alone, but one day you will be all alone because you will have pushed everyone who ever caree about you away, including God. And what good is that for you? Relying on yourself will not get you far and will never get you solutions to the problems and difficult situations you encounter.

Some Bible verses that go along with this post are James 2:18-26 (faith without works is dead. Emphasis added by me. But that is what those verses are about), James 5:16 tells us to “confess our sins to one another and pray for each other so we can be healed. The earnest orayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.“, Galatians 6:1-2 tells us to help others who are overcome so they are not led astray and to share each other’s burdens, Romans 12:9-20 and 1 John in multiple different verses advises us that our love for others needs to be genuine and to express our love through action. The action can be as simple as being there in the other person’s life, listening, or more active like helping in whatever way you can, even if only through prayer, but in the ways God has blessed you to be able to help the friend or family member or other loved one (or sometimes a stranger or an enemy) needs your help.

And if you are being your true authentic self and allowing the people in your life to be their true authentic selves without bulking and running off when feelings and stuff gets too deep and situations- whether theirs, yours, or in both your lives – get complicated or sticky, staying is what is the true, authentic thing to do. Some days you may not be able to handle someone else’s problems because you are already overwhelmed by what is going on inside of you and in your life, and that is okay. But let the other person who is also struggling know in a gentle way and then you can each pray for each other and continue to check in regularly so you see how they are doing and let them know how you are doing so anxiety does not take over when someone begins to imagine worst case scenario like you are laying dead in a ditch or something because they are worried about you and have not heard from you in a long time but knew you were going through a rough time.

Yes, that has happened with me before with one or more of the relationships I mentioned where I was abandoned, and until I saw them post a status on Facebook, I was worried they were dead or in hospital sick or severely wounded in an accident or something. I have bad, debilitating anxiety so when I do not hear from someone for an extended period of time, my mind goes into panic mode on what is making them suddenly drop off the face of the earth (or offline and out of most people who care about them’s lives) until they are back online or a mutual friend hears from them. It comes with the territory of caring. People in your life need to know that you’re OK or what is making you not be okay so they can pray for you, and whenever it is possible, be of help even just by listening if in no other way.

So how about instead of running away from being their true authentic selves and seeing it as complaining, being too negative, or attention-seeking, you see it how it is meant to be seen: as the person trusting you, drowning and needing someone who cares to listen and be there in their life, and being their true self and not hiding anything from you? Secrets, especially things that have the potential to effect the other person, can damage the trust and endanger the relationship. That is why people like me try to be authentic and not hide things from our loved ones, especially things we think might effect you in some way. Instead of running away from autentic people being their true selves and trusting you to be able to handle it without running or abandoning them, how about you try being your true authentic self and remember truth, trust, kindness, respect, compassion and understanding, and forgiveness when necessary? Perhaps if everyone learned to accept and love themselves in healthy ways, and could be loving and accepting of everyone they care about, then we could all be free to be our true authentic selves and instead of anxiety, stress, and depression we could feel peace, comforted, loved, acceptrd, misunderstood, and everyone could get along and love would spread all around the world instead of hate, distrust, anxiety, depression and selfishness. Love and peace make the world around us a better place to live, and make our relationships healthy. Connect to Jesus first, then yourself with genuine love and proper self-care and then to others from a place of abundant love and inner peace of mind and heart.

Consider this: whenever discord, hate, mistrust, anxiety, fepressiondepression greed, and selfishness flourish, Satan wins. However, when love, trust, peace, patience, forgiveness and understanding, acceptance, kindness, compassion, respect, and open honest (and respectful) communication flourish, God’s Kingdom advances and He receives glory and honor and blesses our relationships, health, finances, and all other areas of our lives because He is pleased by the way we are conducting ourselves and living our lives. So what do you want to flourish: Satan’s schemes, which lead to destruction and death, or God’s purpose for us in all areas of our lives where peace through all circumstances results? Think about it please, and choose wisely – not according to worldly wisdom, but God’s wisdom.

I am not sitting hear judging anyone who abandoned me or anyone else. I do understand what it is like to be overwhelmed and not be able to handle anything going on with you, much less someone else’s problems. But that is when you gently let the person know you are sorry but at this time you cannot handle anything and you pray for them and give them the chance to pray for you, instead of just disappearing for long periods of time or completely abandoning them with no notice or reason why. Trust them to understand and give you the space you need, and check in with them regularly so they know you’re alive and still in their life and want to be. Trust them to respond in love and understanding.

Thank you to all who took time to read this, and for those who will actually take time to think about and reflect in what I had to say about being your true self always, and allowing everyone in your life to be their true authentic selves without running or abandoning them when they need you. God bless!

What Happens When You Magnify Your Fears Instead of God

What Happens When You Magnify Your Fears Instead of God

I have written about this subject before – of one’s fears being greater than faith in God, or not believing God exists at all, and even admitted to allowing fear to take over in my life in certain situations, but with all the craziness that has been going on lately with the Coronavirus, I feel a need to bring it up¬†again. This is worse than when the Swine Flu broke out back in 2009, or even the idea of Y2K (the year 2,000) when people thought that on January 1, 2000, the computers all around the world would get confused and explode and that would be the end of the world! People are once again acting like the world is about to end and everyone could die from the Coronavirus.

Let me assure you, the chances of that happening are slim. I did some diligent research just to see why people were going crazy stocking up on Powerade Zero (has electrolytes without the sugar for proper hydration and also energy boosts), toilet paper, and just about everything else there is to stock up on for emergency situations. And I also wanted to know why Amazon Fresh was suddenly not delivering groceries, even to a shut-in like me who has limited mobility and cannot go to the grocery store for myself to get what I need. Thankfully, Instacart did not buy into the fear gripping people all around the world about this virus that is spreading to more and more people daily and I got what I needed when I needed it, with a couple of exceptions like my Powerade Zero which I am upset I did not get because I have always had problems with properly hydrating and it got worse after the car hit me back in December 2017.

Anyway, the results I found state that over 80% of the people who get infected with an upper respiratory infection (which is now being labeled as Coronavirus for some reason unknown to me, and also being called SARS 2. The original outbreak of SARS occurred in November of 2002) have a mild case they will not die from. And about 15% will get a more serious case of the virus, but will still live. Only 5% who contract the Coronavirus (also known as various different forms of an upper respiratory infection such as Pneumonia) will actually die. Did you get that everyone? Only 5% of those infected will die. Now I know that even 1 person dying is bad, especially when it is someone you know and someone you care deeply about, but it sounds to me like the risk of dying is about the same as before this outbreak started! I am fully aware that the number of serious cases, and also people getting the virus is increasing daily but panicking about it and acting like every human in the world is going to get it and die is not going to make the disease go away!

Do you want to stay safe from infection? Then cover your cough and sneeze, wash your hands with warm soap and water regularly Рespecially after touching a surface that is full of germs such as a door or countertop and what not and of course after going to the bathroom, it is a matter of proper hygiene here! And in addition to not spreading your germs when coughing and sneezing, do not go out in big crowds whenever it is possible, and if you are going to a medical place like a hospital or doctor office, or somewhere else people have been reported being sick, take some precautions like wearing a mask in addition to washing your hands with soap and warm water. Panic, however, is never going to solve anything. Panic makes problems worse and magnifies the issue(s), which makes problems worse than they are already and not ever any better.

Panic is a statement that you either do not believe God exists at all, or that you do not think God cares, or that you do not believe God has the power or ability to keep you safe or to work to help you solve the issue that is causing you such great panic. For non-believers and unbelievers, the case is that God does not exist at all so there is no supernatural force that is able to keep people safe. For believers who let panic settle in, either they are around other people who turn to panic and live in a constant state of panic and paranoia (which is the case for me at the moment sadly, and I will talk more about that a bit later on) and we all know other people’s emotions and mindsets have an impact on our own mindsets and emotions…or¬†the believer does believe for everyone else but is having a hard time believing that God cares about¬†them personally or is angry with them or some other reason that would prevent God from intervening and protecting, or possibly it is a combo of both since what people say and do affects others, and there are times when even the believer who has a great faith, when that believer does not see God moving in his or her life to change something for the better, that person believes God is angry with them or has abandoned them.

I admit that for me it is a combo of both. I am around people who are constantly angry, anxious, afraid, depressed, stressed to the point of burnout and exploding in anger, and sometimes outright paranoid and their minds immediately go to the “worst-case scenario” mentality about just about everything! And I am an empath who feels not just my own feelings deeply, but other’s emotions and frames of mind greatly as well and so it negatively affects me. And I have had a few traumatic things happen to me in my lifetime so far that range from being bullied as a kid and other forms of abuse I have suffered even in my teens and adult life thus far (and I am still bullied as an adult by other adults who should know better but do it anyway), my mom’s death back in June 2006, and the car hitting me while I was a pedestrian with the right of way trying to cross the street to the other side to get to Walmart. And then there are other things like “friends” who promise to be in my life forever abandoning me suddenly and without telling me why or giving me a chance to make whatever I may have done right with them, and family members being on the list of people who mistreat me even¬†today. So believe me when I say I know that there are so many things and traumatic events that can make it difficult to believe God loves you, and unconditionally, and has never left or abandoned you and never will. I feel that way more than I care to admit. I am working on it with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit though, and I know that without God, there would be absolutely no hope¬†whatsoever of things¬†ever¬†getting better for me or in this world in general either.

I understand that this is where non-believers and unbelievers are at right now with the Coronavirus spreading all over the world on a daily basis and I feel incredibly sad for them. My heart actually breaks for them, and not just because 2 of those people or more are related to me, but because I care. I am not heartless or mean. I can even understand why things may look hopeless and why it is hard to see light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. And I can also understand why other believers who know in their mind God loves them and that all Scripture from all 66 Books in the Bible are 100% Truth, are having a hard time believing it for themselves what God has promised for all who believe and are saved.

So what prompted me to write about this when it sounds like I understand why people are letting fear take over, which is magnifying the problem instead of magnifying God, who is greater than any disease/virus or problem any human will ever face? Well it began with my not being able to get a delivery for groceries I needed earlier this week. And then twice this week, including a few minutes before beginning writing on this blog, I overheard a conversation where 2 people are taking the panic over getting infected by the Coronavirus to the point where one is saying it is not safe to fly or go out in public places like the gym or the supermarket, and the other is talking about visiting but how can they visit for an indefinite amount of time when they only have a few days of medications left, and have so many other things to do in a planning stage of an extended visit to last for an unknown amount of time. The first person is saying that the way the person talking about travel plans to get there is safe since it is by car, but intending to return home by plane a week or even 2 weeks later is bad because things will be worse in a week or 2 because more people will be infected with the virus.

The hysteria and panic is more than I can bear because I do not see a logical reason for such a serious state of hysterics and panic! There is no earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or any form of natural disaster and we are not back in the days where the bubonic plague killed millions of people because there was not enough information on it and it was a strong and powerful contagious bacterial disease (the definition of the word¬†plague) so why are people staying inside their homes, stocking up on everything they could ever possibly need to stay inside for super long periods of time? Doctors are aware of the symptoms of Coronavirus since it is not entirely new. There may be a new form of an already existing virus, or existing form of a type of virus such as Upper Respiratory Infections, but that does not mean that we are seeing round 2 of the bubonic plague and so I say this with faith in God, who is greater than even the deadliest of diseases that exist in the world today: God has the power and authority to kill the Coronavirus completely! The thing is, if people do not believe this to be true and give in to the panic and paranoia gripping so many people because of this viral infection, then what God can do is limited. For fellow believers, you already know from reading all 4 books that make up the Gospel, that Jesus was not able to perform too many miracles (and none in a couple of places) because of people’s unbelief, especially in his hometown where He had grown up as the carpenter’s son. It was not because Jesus did not¬†want¬†to perform miracles for His family and neighbors He had grown up with, but their unbelief that prevented it. There was 1 example where a father’s unbelief did¬†not¬†stop Jesus from healing the man’s son in¬†Mark 9, but it helped that the man confessed his unbelief to Jesus and asked Him to help him overcome his unbelief. The father said “I¬†do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!” But not everyone has even a small measure of faith and admits any unbelief, or asks for help overcoming their unbelief in Jesus and what Jesus is able to do for any person who believes! And therein lies the problem we are facing right now. The problem is not the virus itself, but people’s frame of mind.

When a person panics over any problem that arises in their life or in someone else’s life and they focus on the problem and it “getting worse”, then sad to say, the problem will continue to get worse. Magnifying a problem makes it bigger than it was ever meant¬†to¬†be.¬†So how about instead of magnifying the affects and effects of the Coronavirus and the possibility of it infecting one of us ourselves, or a loved one, we magnify our¬†Mighty God we serve who cares deeply for¬†everyone, including those who do not believe whether because something happened to them to make them stop believing (unbelievers) or because they never believed to begin with (non-believers) either due to lack of knowledge or because they heard about God but refuse to believe a God who allows sickness, death, pain, and separation, homelessness and other problems the world faces today to exist. What both these unbelievers and non-believers fail to understand is that these things, and all forms of evil, exist because we live in a fallen world that began when the serpent was able to entice Eve to take forbidden fruit from the¬†one tree¬†God asked/commanded both Adam and Eve never to eat from. The serpent enticed Eve, who in turn got her husband Adam to eat the forbidden fruit because instead of doing what God intended for Adam to do as husband (protect his wife and make sure she obeys God’s 1 rule), he figured if his wife was going to die, or at least get into serious trouble with God, he was going to stand by his woman and get into trouble too. Part of that is my opinion, but most of it is fact. Fact 1 is that the serpent knew Eve was insecure and he fed her insecurities and got her believing God had lied to her when He said if she or Adam ate fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that she would¬†not¬†surely die as God said they would, but said it out of jealousy so that she and Adam would not gain the knowledge of God. Eve was convinced and let her insecurities lead to the disobedience of grabbing 2 apples: 1 for her and 1 for Adam to eat. Fact 2, Adam ate the forbidden fruit because Eve did. And when they both ate the forbidden fruit, sin entered the world along with the ill effects such as disease, suffering, separation, and all other problems we face today including death. Adam and Eve gave up a problem-free and peaceful living in the garden of Eden when they sinned against God.

Imagine this: You live in the garden of Eden and have animals to take care of, healthy food (fruit and vegetables) to eat, fellowship with God¬†face-to-face and you never had to worry about sickness, separation, death, or evil and only had¬†one¬†rule. Just¬†one! The one rule is: do not eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil¬†or you will surely die. 1 tree is off-limits, but there are a ton of other trees that were not off-limits, and the water they drank was probably more pure than most water available in today’s world. Eve let insecurity entice her to sin against God, and Adam sinned because his wife did and it sounded to me like he did not want her getting into trouble alone, so he joined her in sinning against God. Of course, when confronted by God Himself, Eve pointed the finger of blame at the serpent and Adam blamed Eve instead of either of them taking responsibility for their own sinful actions. But that blame game came later, after God went searching for them and saw they had covered themselves and they admitted to feeling shame over being naked, when they realized they were after eating the forbidden fruit. I am actually not 100% certain why Adam decided to eat the forbidden fruit with Eve instead of standing up to protect her by telling the serpent to leave his wife alone and making sure she did¬†not¬†eat the forbidden fruit, especially since he had been alive longer than Eve and so had spent more time with God and knew that his obedience to God made fellowship with God both possible and enjoyable. But he did do it and both he and Eve suffered the consequences, and ever since¬†we¬†have also been suffering the consequences from their decision to commit the original sin against God.

What am I saying? I am saying that bad things happen either because a person sins against God and there are consequences to those sins, and other times it is someone else’s use of their free will to commit a sin against another person and against God, and other times it is because we live in a fallen world. I honestly believe that stuff like widespread of diseases like the Coronavirus happen because we live in a fallen world where sin exists, where disease and suffering exist, and other forms of evil. However, that does not have to be an “end game” for us. When we decide daily, and sometimes moment by moment or hour by hour, to fully believe that the 1 true God¬†exists, cares deeply about you and all of mankind and also animals and all living things, has supernatural abilities and¬†willingness to help and to heal,¬†then we know that God¬†will¬†protect us, He will protect our loved ones, and just like Jesus spoke to that fig tree and told it that it would never bear fruit again and it withered from the roots up and died, that¬†same power that withered up the whole fig tree from the roots up, can do the same thing to Coronavirus and all other viruses no matter how mild or deadly (or in-between) the infectious disease or illness is. God has the power, authority, and I believe the willingness for those who will accept these truths about God, to make the infectious disease die from the roots up and wither completely! God can heal those who are currently ill and still have breath in them, when it is His will, he¬†can¬†bring the dead back to life like He did back in Biblical times (even before the Gospels, back in Old Testament days), and can also keep those not infected yet safe from being infected by¬†any¬†deadly virus at all.

There is one thing that a fellow blogger friend of mine said in her own blog about Coronavirus she posted earlier this week that I agree with completely and would like to second her sentiments on: What if people used the amount of fervor and devotion to taking measures to stay safe from being infected by the Coronavirus to worship God and believe in His ability to help us¬†recover from illness, and other circumstances that seem hopeless? What if we devoted the amount of time people are currently devoting to buying out supermarkets and other places you can get groceries and other possible necessities to protect from danger or be ready for an emergency to instead praying for God with the faith He hears and responds with yes when we pray for things in His will – which we know it is when what we pray for is in alignment with what He promises/what His word says, studying God’s Word daily with in-depth studies where we do not merely¬†read¬†what God’s Word says, but take time to learn the true meaning of the verses we are reading and how we can apply them to our lives¬†today, worship with hymns and other songs and other forms of praise to God, fellowship with other believers so we can unite together as 1 in Christ and be stronger in our faith, and doing what we can (and receiving help from the Holy Spirit) to carry out God’s will and His purpose for our lives individually and together? What would that look like to you? How would the world begin to change for the better if we began by changing the things inside ourselves that need changing such as our tendencies to let fears and worries, anxiety, depression, doubt, unbelief, jealousy, and other ungodly emotions to dictate how we live our lives and the thoughts we think, the words we say or write or type, the actions we take, and also our attitudes and behavior? How would the world change for the better if we worked on turning fear into faith and hope anchored in Jesus, anxiety to peace coming from knowing God is in control and that He loves you and everyone else unconditionally, hate into love and kindness, unforgiveness into forgiveness, understanding, mercy, and grace, and led with the heart of compassion that led Jesus in His ministry on earth and always has since Adam and Eve, and always will for all eternity because God does not just display love towards us, God¬†is¬†love! And compassion, kindness, forgiveness, understanding, patience, mercy, and grace are all important aspects of what true, unconditional love looks like. We do not always recognize it because we are humans and make mistakes and we do not always show love, even when we do have unconditional love for another person we care deeply for. However, just because we humans have a problem showing unconditional love, does not mean it is a problem for God. And just because God¬†does¬†allow consequences for sins we commit against Him, does not mean God no longer loves us or has abandoned you or anyone else who sins against Him. The truth is¬†everyone¬†sins against God at some point because nobody is perfect,¬†except for¬†Jesus, our Lord and Savior, and there is only¬†one¬†Jesus in existence who is the Son of God, yet also fully human. Admitting to be a sinner against God is not a weakness or something to be ashamed of. It takes a great amount of strength to admit when you are wrong, and even more strength to willingly work on changing the things you need to change in yourself to be more like Christ and sin¬†less. No one will ever accomplish¬†never¬†sinning against God, but it¬†is¬†possible¬†to repent and to change your heart and your mindsets and to not willfully sin against God (or as much). God sees the heart and our frame of mind when we say or do¬†anything, so He knows if there is an underlying problem such as hurt that needs to be healed in order for a person to stop committing the same sins over and over again, as unintentional as it is. God also knows when it is willful and definitely intentional, and if the reason comes from hurt or from evil/the enemy. God forgives all sins and all we need to do in order to accept His forgiveness is confess our sins and take actions to change our ways which is sincere repentance. The only unforgivable sin is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.¬†All other sins¬†can be forgiven, and are the moment we become aware of committing the sin and confess it to God and ask for the help of His Holy Spirit to repent completely. My apologies for getting slightly off-topic for a moment.

What I am trying to say is that when we believe that everything in Scripture is God-breathes and 100%¬†true and accept¬†all of¬†God’s truth in our hearts in addition to our minds and live out our lives in accordance with knowing God’s Word is Truth, which means that God does love you and everyone else unconditionally and He still has the ability and willingness to heal, protect, and lead and guide anyone who believes Him and His truth completely, there¬†is¬†hope. There is hope for better times to come, there is hope for God to heal you or a loved one of whatever sickness, disease, wounds/injuries and pain you or a loved one suffers from, and there is hope for the seemingly impossible to happen including what appears to be a hopeless situation to suddenly do a complete 180! Sometimes God works quickly to bring about the healing or the positive change in someone’s circumstance, but other times He changes things more slowly, 1 step at a time. It is frustrating, believe me, I understand! But the same God who brought Lazarus back from the dead and raised His Son Jesus from the dead has the same power, authority, and willingness to bring back from the dead our hopes, dreams, relationships, health, finances, and anything else that appears to be “dead” to you (or to me). So dear readers of mine, if God has the ability to raise someone from the dead and bring them back to life, surely He has the ability to prevent an infectious disease from killing¬†millions¬†of people, and can protect you and your loved ones without you or anyone else giving in to the panic and hysteria that has been overcoming so many people all around the world. Panic is not going to prevent the bad thing you’re trying to prevent from happening to you or anyone else! In fact, what you believe will happen will eventually happen if you dwell on it too long!

However, if you go the¬†other¬†way and decide to put your full trust in God and make the conscious decision to believe God will protect you and your loved ones and devote your time, energy, attention, and efforts into receiving God’s love and forgiveness into your hearts, praying to God continually and without ceasing until the thing you are praying for in accordance with God’s will comes to pass in yours or your loved one’s life, praise God before the prayers are answered as well as afterwards (and give God the credit for answering your prayers), worship Him, study His word deeply, and fellowship with other sincere followers of Christ with unwavering faith, then there is no reason¬†to¬†panic, and you will notice God’s love and protection in your life and in the life of your loved ones. Believing God is good, that God loves¬†you and¬†all of your loved ones¬†unconditionally, and is protecting you and your loved ones will lead to you experiencing and seeing the positive changes you seek, and the protection you continually pray for as well as other forms of provision God promises and that we ask for because of those promises He gave to us through His written Word. If what we focus our thoughts on eventually becomes a reality for us, what if instead of dwelling on the negative – such as the spreading of the Coronavirus, we fix our gaze/eyes on Jesus and we fix our thoughts on things that are true such as how loving and sovereign over all the LORD is? Do you believe it’s possible to see more of God’s goodness, unfailing love (Jeremiah 31:3a), faithfulness (see Hebrews 6:18 and also the Book of Psalms), protection, and other forms of provision from God if these are the things we fix our attention/minds on? I do! I believe that if we decide to take deep and calming breaths when we feel anxiety or panic arise inside, and remember God’s love and faithfulness from the past and believe that we will¬†see more of God’s love and faithfulness in the present and in the future, then that is what we will see happening in our lives to us individually, and to the people in our lives we continue to pray for without ceasing just like we are told to in Scripture (Ephesians 6:18).¬†Pick¬†any¬†of the 66 Books of the Bible, both Old Testament and New Testament and you will find verses filled with God’s love, mercy, grace, compassion, forgiveness, and supernatural abilities¬†and¬†willingness to turn around seemingly impossible situations.¬†Matthew 19:26¬†says that “For humans, it is impossible. But all things are possible for God.” This means that it is possible for God to protect you from something that looks impossible to be protected from, and it is possible to overcome a situation that¬†looks like¬†you are stuck in for the rest of your life. You may not be able to turn the situation around by yourself, but¬†with¬†God, you¬†can! The only thing God requires of you or me is to believe this truth, even when people and also our current circumstances seem to say “impossible.” It just so happens that impossible situations being turned around for the better are a specialty of the God (the 1 true God) that we serve! Right now the anxiety and panic people are experiencing and leading¬†people¬†to believe is a hopeless situation and doom is inevitable, and evidence in the form of more and more people being infected with a form of Coronavirus seems to back up the idea of doom being inevitable, but to the person who refuses to give in to anxiety, panic, or the thought of doom coming and “must protect myself and my family at¬†all costs including staying inside with unlimited supplies for an indefinite stay inside our home”, there¬†is¬†hope! Whether or not you end up being infected, there is the hope of living to talk about it later on! For those of us who¬†dare¬†to believe that God loves us and will protect us, God can (and¬†will) do one of three possible things for us: 1) prevent us from being infecting by Coronavirus on¬†any¬†level, 2) if we do get infected, He has the ability to heal us so it does not end in death, or 3) a person may become infected and be in the 5% of those who will die, but the promise in¬†1 Corinthians 15:54-57¬†will come to pass where death does¬†not¬†have the final say because you will be brought¬†home¬†to Heaven where you will wait in peace for the 2nd coming of Jesus and on the day Jesus does come back, and you’ve given your account of your life to Jesus and everyone else has as well, you will go spend eternity in Heaven with God, Jesus, and everyone else whom Christ will be bringing home with Him forever.

So how about this: believe God will protect you and/or heal you, and on the day when your time¬†is¬†up, He will bring you home so there is no need to worry about coming down with a deadly viral or bacterial infection because if it happens and you are right with God, you will be going home with Him. And until it¬†is¬†your time to die, God will protect you and will heal you of the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional diseases that plague you and so many others in the world. And if God is willing to heal and protect you, and you believe He will protect your loved ones and heal them when you ask for these things in prayer in the name of Jesus to Him, then what reason is there to worry to the point of panic about something that might never¬†happen? And remember the question Jesus asked in¬†Matthew¬†and¬†in Luke:¬†“Can any of you add a single moment (or some translations say years) to your life by worrying?…(then goes on to say)¬†these thoughts dominate the minds of unbelievers (or non-believers/pagans). But your Heavenly Father already knows all of your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else and live righteously and He will give you everything you need.” These¬†verses can be found in¬†Matthew 6:27, 32-33,¬†with verse 34 telling us that “Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”¬†And in the Book of Luke,¬†these¬†verses are found in¬†Chapter 12 (of the Book of Luke): 25-26, 30-31¬†and verse¬†32 assures us that it gives God great pleasure to gives us the Kingdom (of God). What Luke was saying was that God takes delight in supplying our needs when our focus is on Him and on furthering His Kingdom, and trusting Him to supply our needs.

So¬†I¬†ask of you, can panic over the possibility of you or a loved one add a moment or a year of life to you or your loved one? The answer is¬†no! And if worry cannot accomplish that, then why let it turn into a full-blown panic over something that might never even happen? Let us then, focus on how much God loves us and our loved ones, let us focus on His faithfulness, on His protection, on His supernatural ability and willingness to heal and to change circumstances for the better and see what focusing on these things accomplishes!¬†Mark 11:22-24¬†tells us Jesus said: “Have faith in God. I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart. I tell you the truth, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours.”¬†Let’s choose to believe we have God’s love, forgiveness, provision, protection, and healing and that the needs we have and ask for in prayer in accordance with God’s will and prayed in the name of Jesus (John 16:24), will be ours or will be given to the person we are praying for, when we believe that it will be when we are praying for it to be so. By doing this, we stop panic in its tracks before it can take root in our hearts, and we can enjoy the perfect peace that surpasses all understanding and transcends all circumstances (Philippians 4:7) in our minds and hearts, like Jesus promises us in¬†John 14:27. He says this kind of peace cannot be found in the world, but is only available through Him. And He is offering¬†you¬†that kind of peace at this very moment! He offers this kind of peace to all of us who are willing to receive and accept it and let Him take care of our worries, cares, and problems once we have done what is within our power to do and we trust Jesus to do what we cannot do for ourselves or our loved ones.

The alternative is to be trapped inside your homes and buying out grocery stores and Amazon to get all supplies a person might ever need for an emergency situation and leave those who were not quick enough to get any of those supplies for themselves in more moderate quantities to meet their needs for the next week or so and then there are people who do not have toilet paper to wipe themselves with after they are done on the toilet, no soap to wash their hands with as needed, less food and healthy beverages to drink, and other supplies a person needs to survive day to day, week by week. And the truth is that for the person who believes God¬†will¬†supply those needs, a way will open up for those people to get their food, water, soap, toilet paper, medications, and other needs they have to get through the week or month, and so on. However, there will be people without important supplies such as food or medicine because of the panic that has overtaken too many people all around the world. Why would¬†anyone¬†willingly choose¬†this for themselves or for anyone else?! I would rather decide to believe God will protect me, will heal me when it is His will to do so, and will provide my needs for me and keep me safe from harm or evil. For some people, I know it is not so much a choice because your emotions and thoughts control you (as I mentioned earlier, I admit to having these problems myself). However, when you have a moment of clarity where panic does not have a death grip on you, decide to trust that Jesus loves and cares for you and your loved ones and for¬†everyone¬†who has breath in them today (as well as caring for those who have died already), and that He will provide your needs as you need them, protect you, heal you in His time, and give other forms of His unfailing love and other displays of His faithfulness to you and your loved ones. And once you have had these thoughts about how much God loves you and your family and other loved ones, and about His faithfulness, kindness, and compassion along with His provision for you and loved ones in the past and that He can and will continue to do these things in the present and in the future, hold on to such thoughts and anchor the hope that comes with them to Jesus so that even if this hope is barely hanging on by a thread, because that thin thread is connected to Jesus, it¬†will¬†stand! And then the next time you feel anxiety or panic arising inside, take as many deep breaths as needed (breathing out the anxiety and panic, and in God’s peace and His promises), and remember God’s faithfulness and love He has for you and your family and other loved ones so that panic will not be able to get a stranglehold on you and take over as it has with people all over the world currently. And let us take this 1 step further and offer a prayer to God in the Beloved Name of His Son Jesus for these people gripped with fear and panic that God will intervene and turn their hearts and minds towards Him and have the ability to fix their thoughts on God and His love, protection, provision, and healing power He willingly bestows upon us and for them to believe He¬†will¬†supply these needs (including protection and healing) to them and their loved ones and receive the peace that transcends all circumstances and surpasses all understanding in their minds and hearts, in exchange for trusting God to take care of them and their loved ones, and bring working solutions that bring positive changes to their problems that do exist, and to any that will ever happen in the future because God is willing out of His love and faithfulness. Let us believe this for ourselves and for our loved ones, and then pray that those who do not see it right now because they are blinded by panic and Satan’s lies, for God to give them the (spiritual) sight to see God’s love, faithfulness, and willingness and ability to help, heal, protect, and provide for¬†everyone, including themselves and their loved ones, and let’s ask this in¬†Jesus’ name!

In conclusion, will you be choosing (when you are free to in a moment of clarity) to panic and let the panic take hold and lead to drastic measures such as cutting yourself off from the world and staying inside your home/bedroom, or will you dare to trust in God’s supernatural abilities and in His love and faithfulness and know that it is 100% true that God loves you, your loved ones, and¬†everyone and is faithful to honor¬†all¬†of His promises, which means that those promises you have not seen for you or a loved one yet means it is not over yet, and God¬†will¬†honor His promises in His time, and build our faith in Him as we wait in expectant hope because you are¬†that sure that God loves you, is always completely faithful, and will answer your prayers and supply you and your loved ones all of your needs as they are needed. And may I also encourage you to choose to believe that if God has not yet answered your prayer, either a scheme of Satan is delaying a quicker response as in the¬†Book of Daniel Chapter 9 when he delayed the archangel Gabriel from answering Daniel’s prayer, or He is waiting so you or someone in your life can see when He¬†does¬†heal you or turn that difficult situation around with life-changing blessings and God will receive glory, and possibly even gain new believers as a result like when Jesus healed the blind man in¬†John 9. In other words, God is either working to strengthen yours or someone else’s faith, or bring someone who previously did not believe to Him when they see the sickness that almost led to death suddenly be healed inside your body or theirs or someone else’s body, or when that difficult and seemingly hopeless situation suddenly turned around for you, them, or someone else. They will realize it could only have been¬†God¬†who did the healing or turned the situation around with a life-changing blessing, and will turn to God with sincerely repentant hearts and be saved (upon taking the necessary steps to be saved including confessing Jesus as the Son of God who is also fully human and as their Lord and Savior and being baptized – that is, fully submerged underwater as Jesus was when He was baptized, in the name of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit), and they will willingly give their whole hearts and lives to God and live the way Jesus taught us and instructs us even today through God’s Word, to live our lives. I understand all too well how hard that can be to believe sometimes, especially when it takes a long time before the healing takes places or that difficult circumstance turns around for the better, but the alternative is to give up hope and that is when panic, depression, doubt, unbelief, and other emotions not from God set inside our hearts, minds, and even our souls and spirits if we let them, and it will either take longer to see God’s healing or blessing that turns our situation around, or we will end up doing something permanent for a temporary problem. This is what the devil (Satan, also known as Lucifer, the fallen angel from Heaven who got jealous of God and wanted more followers than God and was then banished from living in Heaven ever again and all he can do now is visit when God allows him to) wants! Satan let his ego get him kicked out of Heaven for all eternity, and he wants to bring us down to an eternity in hell with him, where there will be eternal separation from God and everlasting anguish. I do not want that for me, for anyone I love or care about in any way (friends, family, etc.), or for¬†anyone¬†alive today with breath in them. I want what God told us through Peter in¬†2 Peter 3:9¬†about not being slow to keep His promises, but wanting¬†everyone¬†to be saved! I want us¬†all¬†to make it to Heaven for all eternity with God and for us¬†all¬†to know God’s love and experience His presence, love, joy, and peace now while we are among the living here on earth! I hope you will decide to believe and trust in God, so that the enemy’s plans for you do not have a chance at all! God has the final say, whether we believe it or not, so I am choosing today to believe it, and I hope you will too!

Jesus Is THE Solution

When will all of this violence end?! Jesus is the solution because everyone who has Jesus has love in their hearts because Jesus is God (as well as the Son of God) and God IS love. How about instead of spreading hate we spread love? How about instead of continuing to ban Jesus and God and the Bible and prayer and anything to do with God or Jesus in public, we bring Jesus and God BACK into EVERY SINGLE AREA of our lives, and into our hearts.

People who shoot other people, especially innocent people do NOT have Jesus in their hearts. This is a hate crime and they need to STOP!! When will people wake up and realize the problem and also realize what the solution is and actually APPLY the solution?! How many more people have to DIE?!

Jesus is not just the solution for hate, but for¬†fear too. Jesus is the son of God so anyone who acknowledges that and has God and Jesus in their hearts has love¬†in their hearts because “God is love and all who live in love live in God and God lives in them” (1 John 4:16), so you will live in love when you have God in your hearts! And Perfect love expels all fear (1 John 4:18) Read ALL of 1 John, which is 5 chapters and it is all about love verses hate and sin verses living for God and with God in you and how you show that God lives in you and that you live in God. Let’s put God and Jesus in our hearts and back into EVERY AREA of our lives both public and private and conquer hate and fear with LOVE because love conquers both! This solution is so simple yet there are so many people who do not want to acknowledge it and there are many different reasons why ranging from pride (like Satan), to fear that they have been too evil for God to possibly forgive and love them, but God loves everyone¬†and wants everyone¬†to be saved (2 Peter 3:9).

So let’s STOP burying our heads in the sand and stubbornly refusing to accept the solution and APPLY the solution by letting God and His love into your hearts and letting it shine through to everyone in your life and then it reaches everyone in the world if we ALL apply this solution. And guess what happens when we spread love instead of hate? We stop violent crimes, war, poverty, hunger, and a multitude of other problems that exist because of hatred and fear. So let’s band together in LOVE, PEACE, and Harmony as ONE in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior, who died for EVERYONE (including for YOU) to save us from our sins, and was raised 3 days later to CONQUER death and also to conquer Satan and his evil plans.

For those who like me, do not have their heads buried in the sand, I dare you to share this post, and more importantly, to apply the solution in your life. In Romans 12:18 (and really I encourage you to read verses 16-20), God tells us through the Apostle Paul to do everything within OUR POWER (emphasis made by me) to live in peace with EVERYONE (again the emphasis was done by me). I actually encourage you to read all of Romans chapter 12 whether before or after the whole Book of 1 John. And this is to everybody reading this, that I encourage to do this reading from the Bible.


And let us all please pray for those who lost their lives or were severely injured in the massive shooting in El Paso, Texas at Walmart, and for their families and loved ones too.

Candle for shooting at Walmart in El Paso Texas

My Absence

Dear faithful readers,

Please forgive my really long absence. I was hit by a car on December 12, 2017 and have not recovered well as of yet. Been busy with pain and endless doctor appointments. Please accept my apologies, which are sincere.

A couple of months ago, I began this 28 day boot camp, which I only made halfway through due to day 15 needing something I did not have at the time and well since then, I do not know why I do not move forward. I am hoping to do so soon though.

Anyhow, I created a couple of documents for a couple of the days where it was required. I got very creative too. I was thinking of posting 1 or 2 of these documents, or stuff like photos from the documents depending if I can attach the documents as a post or not from my phone. They are things that could help anyone who is plagued with negative thoughts about themselves and their lives/situation.

#HappyNewYear to you all, and may God bless us all for 2019 to be our best year yetand filled with healing, strength, love, comfort when needed, peace, joy, prosperity and whatever else anyone stands in need of, in the name of Jesus!

Debating the Truth with Others

I have written about the One True God, and have mentioned that God alone is the LORD and that Jesus is the Son of God and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, because that is what is written in the Holy Bible/Scripture. It is not me just airing my opinions on God, but my doing what God calls us to do as the disciples of Jesus, and teaching others the Truth. It is up to those who read what I wrote or hear what I say verbally from Scripture whether or not to believe and accept the Truth.

I will not alter the Truth to make everyone happy. It is my responsibility to teach the Truth as it is written in Scripture, not to please people or tell then what they want to hear. I will do my best to be kind and gentle, and will be respectful.

It frustrates me when people decide to argue about God/Jesus/the Holy Bible and accuse me of lying or offending them when I am only speaking the Truth. I do not have the authority to change facts or tailor the Truth depending what each person or group of people believes. Nor do I speak on my own authority, but what the Holy Spirit guides me to speak, or write.

Deuteronomy 6:4 says that God alone (I put emphasis on the word “alone”) is the LORD. Exodus 20:2-6 warns us to not worship other gods because He is the LORD, and is a jealous God. But lavishes His “unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love Me and obey My commands.

Getting angry with me or being offended makes no sense when I do not speak on my own authority, but speak the Truth. If anyone is angry that there is only 1 true God, take it to Him in prayer! Do not accuse me of lying or try to make me feel guilty for offending you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, because God gave us free will, but it is not okay to call me a liar or tell me that I’m offending them when I speak God’s Words and not my own.

Believe the Truth or deny it and believe whatever you choose to believe, but if you choose to not believe the Truth, do not make me out to be the bad guy or evil or a liar. It is a matter of respect. I respect that everyone has free will and will ultimately believe what they want to, but as a follower and disciple of Jesus, it is my responsibility to make sure others hear or read the Truth so they have all the facts to decide to keep believing what they did already, or to accept the Truth about God and Jesus and Scripture.

Anyone who does not believe the Bible or the Truth has the option not to read what I write, and also has the option to not talk about God or Jesus religions (such as Hinduism) with me. I do not like debating it because I do not have the “proof” people ask me for. It is written in Scripture that God is an invisible God, so there is no tangible evidence. The evidence of God’s existence is in the sun, moon, stars, trees and other plants and flowers, animals, and all of us human beings. God created it (and US) all. That is your “proof” that He exists. But once again, it is your choice whether to believe the Truth or not.

I pray in the name of Jesus that God open the minds, eyes, ears, and hearts of those who do not believe or accept (or know) the Truth, and bless those who do believe it and do their best to be a good disciple of Jesus by preaching and teaching the Truth to others.

I do not aim to offend anyone. I merely speak the Truth and hope those who read or hear it will believe and be saved. My deepest desire is for everyone to be saved and make it to Heaven for all eternity with God, Jesus, and those before us like Abraham, Moses, Joseph and Mar (and too many others to list) who will be spending eternity in Heaven with God the Father and Jesus the Son. If I have upset or offended anyone, forgive me. But I will keep writing and talking about the Truth and will do my best not to be harsh, but to be kind and gentle when I can be.

Status Update 

Dear faithful readers,

I apologize for being quiet lately. I was working on my collaborative book (my part of it and also keeping in contact with my co-author). And the other night my screen somehow got cracked on my laptop and I have no idea how. And tonight it wouldn’t load my desktop view but went to a white screen with the crack marks still visible, but now white with the rest of the screen instead of normal screen with black screen cracks. Book sales are not going well and I can’t work so I don’t know what to do about my laptop if it turns out warranty has expired.

Anyhow that’s what has been going on with me. My book sale is meant to end tomorrow  (October 10th), but until my laptop refused to work tonight, I had thoughts about possibly bringing out another edition, with same stuff but a bit more…like stuff about bullying, and anything else God would have me add to it. And if I were to do that, it’d make more sense to leave my current ebook edition as is with current reduced price added just make the 2nd edition $3.99 instead. But we will see… 

I need my laptop to write!! I tried writing info to add to my collaborative book here on my phone and it is very frustrating.

On a slightly brighter note, I am thankful for the church congregation I moved to earlier this year. They are kind, most are really compassionate, and they have helped me help my friend. My fundraiser got nothing because no one online wanted to help, but the members of my church gave what they were able to! I am so thankful to God and to everyone who gave and to the woman who helped me with collections.

I will still be doing # HurricaneRelief for #Texas, #Florida, and depending on book sales possibly other places effected by hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, or fires. So far, only 3 sales and a few pages of my ebook read for free on #KindleUnlimited so only $2.50 to give so far…if people open their hearts and minds to learn more about Jesus and God and God’s loving nature and decide to get my books and read it, then they will also be helping me better help with hurricane relief. 

I don’t pretend to know everything about God or Jesus or Scripture, but I did share what I’ve learned so far with everyone in the book with my experiences I turned into advice with Scripture that goes with the subject or topic. And for those who do know Jesus but need hope to get through difficult times and/or stronger faith, depending how long your own walk has been with Jesus, my book could help, possibly. My writing style is kind of free style but I’ve seen other authors use the same or similar writing style and they are doing well so I’m hoping people can focus on the messages and advice the Holy Spirit helped me write with God’s Word (Scripture) and find something in my book that is helpful to them, even if just the knowledge that they are not alone in their struggles, and that Jesus does love them unconditionally.

Have a blessed week all! 

May the LORD bless you and protect you. May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you. May the LORD show you His favor and give you His peace.Numbers 6:24-26.

Sale on my eBook version of How to Live a Godly Life: Things I Learned in my Walk with the LORD, Hurricane Relief info, And Message to All about Jesus and God’s Love for EVERYONE

Dear faithful readers,

For a limited time only, get my book for $2.99! Draw closer to & help me support ! No I have not forgotten! Whether you buy my eBook or my paperback https://www.amazon.com/How-Live-Godly-Life-Learned/dp/1975611586/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1506396848&sr=8-1, I will donate 50 cents to $1 (depending how many people buy my book in whichever format suits them best) for Hurricane Relief.

My book is for those seeking Truth, Jesus/God, who need hope or encouragement, and/or stronger faith. If you have no interest in reading about God or Jesus, you have the option to not read my posts and to not get my book. However, my desire is for everyone to know Jesus and to know Jesus loves him/her unconditionally and loves everyone and wants a relationship with you (if you do not already have one with Him)! I want us all to be united as one in Christ Jesus our Lord.

And at the present time, I also desire to help people in need of hurricane or other crisis relief, whether friends like my friend Kristi, or strangers Рor any of you, my faithful readers if you or someone you know is in need of hurricane, flooding, fire, earthquake, or tornado relief! I will continue praying for everyone too.

For those who are in need, remember God’s promise in¬†Zechariah 9:12.

For anyone who needs to hear it: “I have loved you with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.”¬†Jeremiah 31:3

To¬†everyone:¬†May the LORD bless you and protect you. May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you. May the LORD show you His favor and give you His peace.”¬†Numbers 6:24-26

It is¬†not¬†too late to form a right relationship with Jesus (my book lists the 5 steps from 1. hearing God’s Word to 5. being baptized then receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit), if you do not already have one! But I caution any of you who think there is more than 1 way to Heaven/God:¬†Jesus¬†said in¬†John 14:6I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the father except through me.” So to have a relationship with God, you must have a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior who died for us on the cross to save us and was raised to life 3 days later to reconcile us to God.

For those who are already in a right relationship with Jesus, but get discouraged at times: remember God and Jesus love you¬†always, no matter what! Nothing you say or do can make Them love you more¬†or¬†less¬†than they do right now because¬†“Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”¬†Hebrews 13:8. And remember God’s promise in¬†Deuteronomy 31:6,8¬†and Jesus’ promise in¬†Matthew 28:20b¬†which both promise They are¬†always¬†with us, so God¬†and¬†Jesus are always with¬†you.