One Way Up …

This goes along with what I posted about early this morning, so after receiving permission, I am reblogging this post! Also, I really liked what montague county moments had to say.

montague county moments

All across America, pagans and seculars are vigorously assaulting the teachings of Christ…in the name of freedom…under the guise of free expression and progressivism..

Truth is , Christ never imposed His truths on anyone…thru His eyes , it’s all about freedom..the freedom of choice..accept or reject Jesus Christ.. divinely simple. Salvation is NOT a lottery…not left to chance or good works.. it’s a choice..

Jesus is the only blood sacrifice to cleanse sins of secular people.. He willingly gave up His life in order that all who trust Him would have a pathway to eternal life…

He is not willing that any should perish , but all should come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.. ( there is but one way to God , through His only begotten Son , Jesus )….not even a casual mention of Mohammed or Buddha or Dali Lama….

And by the way.. in answer to the secular…

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2 thoughts on “One Way Up …

  1. Gastradamus

    Lexi, thank you for your piece, all across the nation we are seeing a rise in secularism and people are turning away from God, your piece is an inspiration that there are still plenty of God-fearing individuals like yourself out there. Please take the time to come read some of our quirky pieces over at Gastradamus whose sole purpose is to make you smile.

    1. wr1ghtlexi Post author

      I don’t understand how the government is getting away with going against the First Amendment, but it isn’t right and the results of taking God and Jesus out of schools and any other public place has resulted in more violence and more of these acts of violence end in death, since they are done out of blind hatred. If I can enlighten even ONE person who is not a believer, or who can help in any way then that is a start… Thank you for taking time to visit my page and read my blog post. I will stop by your page when I get a chance. Feel free to hit “reblog” to reblog my post.


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