February 16, 2016

Stay Tuned

Sorry for being away for so long again. I have been very sick on and off, and I do not remember if I mentioned this or not, but back in September, I sprained my back and injured my right knee. I have also been dealing with tons of drama that I am not sure I want to talk about at this point in time.

That being said, one good thing has come of this new year so far. I have a new laptop, thank You God, and I asked God to pick one out for me and I hope it is the one I am writing to you on right now because I believe it is. I also got a year of Microsoft Office (and a year of antivirus) so I hope to be writing again soon. I miss writing and I have lots to say to all of you. I have not been absent for lack of things to say, but because of headaches and not enough energy. I have been writing, but the things I have been writing are letters to God, writing how I feel and why (I will try to add more detail to this later), messages from God when I go to church and hear my ministers speak on Sundays, and I take notes at Wednesday night Bible Study too; I write down goals and how I plan to obtain them, grocery lists, to-do lists, and other important things I need to remember.

The only problem is, none of the above are forms of creative writing. Even this is not really creative writing because all I am doing is updating you with information, which does not require creativity. I hope to be well enough to get back to writing soon, so I can share more godly advice and also so that I can write other stuff I enjoy writing like short stories, screenplays, and inspirational books. I still have not been published yet, but I know God put a passion for writing inside of me so that I could be published and reach more people and save more souls. I just need to trust in God’s timing.

I think that is something many of us who believe have trouble with at least in one point in our walk with the Lord. Perfect faith does not happen overnight, but is a lifetime process, as we learn to know our Lord and Savior more and more on deeper levels as we seek to learn more about Him and gain the spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and understanding we need to better know and understand His character and His will for us. It is one thing to know facts about Jesus and God, but it is another to understand and to have a personal relationship with Them. With my passion for writing and my passion for seeing everyone saved, teamed with God’s will and purpose for my life, and promise to fulfill my desire to be a published writer, I hope to help people who currently do not know, or who need to relearn, the difference between knowing what is written in Scripture and knowing Jesus on a personal level.

For anyone who, like me, feels “stuck,” or like things will never get better, remember God’s loving and faithful promise in Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV): “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘ plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” Don’t give up, but hold firmly to your faith and whenever you know what step(s) God is asking you to take to show your faith, do it. If you do not feel equipped, pray to God about it and then when you have done what He has asked you to do, you will see positive results come from the step in faith you took. Stay tuned for more inspirational stuff to come (God willing).

May God bless you with peace and anything else you stand in need of.


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