Miracles Do Happen

Miracles Do Happen

June 9th,  a month and three days ago, a miracle happened to me. And it started April 6th, the day after Easter. Let me rewind to there for a moment. The man I met June 27th,  2009 in Miami and fell in love with,  and who had been silent for 2 years and two months finally replied to a message on Hangouts I had sent him on New Year’s Eve and a message I had sent Easter Sunday (the anniversary of when Christ was risen). He apologized to me and said he only just got my message from New Year’s Eve and would respond when he had the time. Then silence for another two months.

Then Tuesday,  June 9th, I got an email from Google+ asking me if I knew him and wanted to send a friend request and it amused me so I told him about it in a message via Hangouts. And then a miracle happened! He called me via Hangouts and we talked for nearly three hours!!!!

I finally got to receive answers to my questions such as why he disappeared (I don’t think he was entirely honest with me but he gave enough of the truth that for now I am letting it go until he is ready to admit the full truth) and why we are not a couple. His answers made me sad since he does not believe in love or that God and Jesus love him unconditionally. He also does not understand how I love him.

But he has never called me before in the six years we have known each other, and we did have a long conversation about God and about how I feel about him and he admitted he cares and indirectly that he has thought of us being together, or how else would he have come to the conclusion that he doesn’t know how a relationship couls work between us? I have hope that God will help me knock down the walls around his heart and that he will accept God’s and Jesus’ unconditional love for him, repent and receive and accept God’s forgiveness, accept God’s help in making the necessary changes he know he needs to make now instead of later when it might be too late since tomorrow is never guaranteed. I have hope and faith that once this has happened that he will believe and accept my unconditional love for him,  realize he does feel the same way about me, and God will create the way for us to be together in person (since he still lives in Miami right now and I am still currently in Northern California).

I am working on getting the courage to ask him about doing Biblr studies together and I have already sent him a few verses on Father’s Day. I sent him Ephesians 3:16-19 about knowing God’s love for him. I continue praying for him too, praying that he let faith in Jesus win over fear and wordly desires and whatever else is stopping him temporarily from accepting God’s unconditional love from reaching his heart.

I admit I have gotten a bit frustrated with him for not being there on the anniversary of my mother’s death (the day after the anniversary of meeting him but my mom passed away in 2006) when I needed him and his answer for not being there was he can’t because he is going through something. Now I am not a selfish person, but I needed him and he didn’t trust me or God to be there for him to heal him and makes things better. He used to be there when I needed him to be and sometimes let me be there for him so the fact he is not doing either causes me great distress.

However,  this post is about miracles happening so let’s focus on that. I believe that with the help of Jesus, that He and I will be successful in permanently tearing down the walls around my beloved’s heart and that as God promised me, we will be together. I will keep praying and speaking positive words over him and over us, and I believe in the power of prayer because I have seen its results. Plus the apsostle James speaks of a promise of God in James 5:16 that “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” There is also the promise Jesus gave us in Matthew 21:21-22 about having faith without doubting and when we pray and believe what we pray for is ours, that we will receive it.

If you who are reading this are waiting for or hoping and praying for a miracle,  I encourage you to keep believing! Your miracle may be closer to reaching you than you think! God bless you all! Amen.


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