Multitude of Miracles

Yesterday I was witness to (and given most of them) a multitude of miracles. The first one was a full night of 100% restful and peacecul sleep. The second miracle was being able to do laundry before going to the gym. The third miracle was doing a complete bible study before going out anywhere. The fourth miracle was making it to the bus stop to catch the community bus (cheaper) before the bus even though I was 2 minutes late leaving. The fifth miracle was that at one of the stops, there was a passenger who wanted to get on, but the bus couldn’t stop at it because there were too many other buses there, the big ones too. So the bus driver reluctantly left and went onwards but a couple of minutes later, received a call to go back to the bus stop where the passenger had not been able to get on the bus. The miracle here is that the lade with her dog I had seen at that stop,  was able to convince the person they talked to when they called VTA customer service to call the bis driver on my bus to tirn around, and that the bus driver willingly did it without argument and not grudgingly. I was witness to God’s divine intervention because as it turns out, the lady with her dog was blind and the dog was her seeing eye dog. God looks out for his children! Believe it! Miracle number six was time to do my full workout even though I got to the gym pretty late. Miracle numbers seven and eight go together: I was told (whispered by God) to get something to eat to go even though I was at risk of missing the last community bus back if I did so. I had the $5 for the sandwich (miracle number 7) so I would have enough food (and that is nutritional) for the night), and I made the last community bus back after. I ended up saving 2 one dollar bills roundtrip, hence miracle number 8 in catching the last bus 65 back. Miracle number nine was that though I was back at the house after my sister and brother-in-law were home from work already,  my clothes were still in the dryer untouched (they were drying when I left for the gym).

Miracle number ten was that as I ate the sandwich I had purchased on the way back to the bus stop after the gym, at thw dining room table, my sister was holding my nephew Lucas and pointed to me and said “Aunty. Can you say ‘Aunty Lexi’?” And then Lucas pointed at me and said “Lexi!” Clear as crystal! My sister heard it too and confirmed it with her utter amazement at her 16 month old baby saying my name. It was both a happy and proud Aunty moment for me! :’) Miracle number eleven and twelve go together also: #11 was my brother-in-law’s big kids from a previous marriage didn’t come like I thought so #12, I was able to bake chicken I recently bought from the supermarket, plus peace and quiet for the night which is a later miracle. Miracle number thirteen was that I was able to bake the chicken properly (last time I had baked dark meat – chicken thighs, I hadn’t baked it thoroughly the first time and had to put it back in the oven for several more minutes). Miracle number fourteen was that I had peace and quiet for the night.

Fourteen miracles in one day! Pretty amazing! I am thankful to God for all of them. I believe there are more miracles to come my way as well. Some for me and, I am sure, miracles for others I will get to witness.

As I got ready for bed last night, Psalms 103:2 came to mind: “Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me.”  Psalms 92:4-5 also come to mind, for they state: “You thrill me Lord with all you have done for me!  I sing for joy because of what you have done. O Lord, what great works you do! And how deep are your thoughts.” I read all of these verses (and the rest of Psalms 103 and 92) along with other verses before bed as part of my nightly bible study before falling asleep.

I am also thankful to God that I woke up to peace and quiet and an empty house, enabling me to shower in peace and then do another full and extensive bible study in peace. When my sister and brother-in-law came back with my nephews, I got to feed them dinner and help bedtime them before coming to finish this blog I started before they got home.

By the way, next weekend I am going on the annual ladies retreat. I posted about last year’s, some of you may or may not remember. I had such a lovely time and God gave me the resources I needed to go again this year, woohoo! So I will be gone the 19th – 21st. I hope there is even more peace than last time and more fun too since more people from my church are coming this time! And some different ladies than that did last year while some of the same ones. I will miss my nephews,  but I will be alright. I am thankful for all blessings God has given me this year from new cellphones and my first trip to Australia,  to my Backstreet Boys concert and lots of time spent with my nephews and my bike, my gym membership,  losing 18-19 lbs so far and getting closer to being 100% healthy while at the same time gaining muscle too and getting and staying in shape, my volunteer job at the library, being published in an up and coming magazine (expecting my copies of said magazine issue to arrive in the mail any day now), and other blessings too numerous to list that I have been blessed with by God including (but not limited to) extra money when I need it.

With the blessings and miracles God has already blessed me with, I know he will honor his promises to me about fully restoring my health fully,  restoring my relationship with my true love and any other relationships God wants restored to me, financial stability,  and having my dream job. Until he does, I will continue to work hard at serving the Lord and pleasing him by the way I live.

The point of this blog is not to brag, but to praise God and let others know of the miraculous things I have seen him do, which God’s word tells us to do in Psalms 105:1 (“Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done”). And if God has done wonderful things for you, or you have witnessed miracles being done to others, proclaim it to the world! And believe that the God who does miracles for others will give you miracles when you need them. But you must believe in miracles and keep your eyes, mind, and heart open to them. And do not discard smaller miracles such as making it to the bus stop just before the bus stops there in front of your stop, or waking up being able to breathe properly (which I wish I was able to do but my asthma has been acting up at night right before I want to go to sleep,  and when I first wake up).
What do you have from God that you are thankful for? What has he done for you? Thank him for whatever it is and you will see even more blessings from God.

Peace be with you all and may God bless you tonight and tomorrow,  on his holy day (Sunday). Or for those of you in Asia and Australia,  may you have a blessed Sunday now!


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