Busy Girl (Update on me)

Hello my readers,

Sorry for not writing lately. It is not lack of inspiration, but lack of time. I have had a few different blog topics I wanted to write about, but I did not have the time and now I need to remember what the topics were and get them written out so I can publish them. It has been crazy for me since coming back from Australia in March (I know I’ve written on here since I returned). April was full of me writing and then I burned out and took about 3 weeks off. Then a few days ago (Monday I think) I started writing a new (fictional) romance story filled with intrigue that is nearly completed. I am hoping to receive copies of the magazine I earlier mentioned one of my short stories will be published in soon, later this month, since it is the July/August issue I am being published in. Nobody has, as of yet, expressed interest in knowing the name of the magazine but if anyone would like to know, do not hesitate to drop me a line.

I have not only been writing. I have been riding my new bike I got a month ago and I also joined a new gym called Fitness Evolution (which took over the Bally gym about a mile and a half from where I live) last Monday (12 days ago) and I have been working on being aggressive with becoming healthy which is not just about eating healthy and riding my bike, but also about giving my whole body a workout (not necessarily all at once, although that is sometimes the case). I am determined to become 100% healthy in every way.

Oh, and last Sunday (May 25th) was my Backstreet Boy’s concert!!!!!!!!!! I did not get to thank Kevin for the amazing thing he did for my mom 9+ years ago before she passed away. However, I did get some love from AJ when he road by on his bicycle (riding it around the parking lot of the venue) and the concert was amazing! Also, there was this sweet security lady after the concert who was about to go home, but wanted to make sure I had a safe ride back first since the person who had promised me a ride forgot and ended up not picking me up. She didn’t leave my side until I had a safe ride secured at a price I could afford. God is so amazing! I know it was God who had a hand in getting me the safe ride back to my sister’s from the venue. The Friday before that (the 16th of May) my adorable nephews turned 1 and Saturday the 17th was the party.

I am so excited and feel like I am finally beginning to move forward with my life with my short story about to be published in a magazine (1,000 readers is better than none) and with being blessed with my bicycle and gym membership to help me get healthy. Plus God has been helping me get fresh fruits and veggies at a Trader Joe’s nearby to me. I feel like my breakthroughs in health and in earning a living with my writing are coming to me and will be here sooner than I can imagine! 2014 is definitely my year! It can still be your year too. I am not being inactive and waiting for things to be done for me, I have gone from somewhat active to super active in the areas where I seek (positive) change.

Another change I am making in being “more pro-active” is that I am considering self-publishing a short murder mystery screenplay (or book I suppose) that I wrote in April before I burned out. I am having issues with creating my own cover for the eBook. I cannot find the right image for my cover or come up with the correct color for the “by Alexis Kaye Wright” under the cover (that is my pen name, Wright was my mother’s maiden name). To be honest, I am also having trouble finding the right background colors on Power Point for my own eBook cover. The only thing I’ve been able to do in regards to creating my own cover is find the font color for the title of my book/eBook. If anyone either knows how to draw people/is a book cover artist or knows of anyone who can help, and who is understanding of not being able to be paid because I have financial hardships currently, but who would be willing to wait and be paid a small amount from each eBook sold (a small percentage from my royalties), then please do not hesitate to send me a private message! Remember that when you help someone in need, God will reward you for it! If someone can help me (has the ability to) and is willing to do so, I will email you (in a reply to your email to me) a copy of my story so you can get an idea of the right cover for my book/eBook.

The self-publishing thing has only hit a minor snag and I am confident in the Lord that He will help me get my cover (and the right one) for my eBook (which may later be published in print, but still thinking about it) and will help me get it published by the right web site or company. I feel like it was God guiding me to consider self-publishing so if it was then we all know that God does not ask us to do something without equipping us to do it. I may not have what I need right now, but I will. This is a good lesson in faith that I could not pass up the opportunity to share with you (my readers).

To everyone reading this, I pray in the name of Jesus that to those of you needing miracles or a boost in faith, that 2014 be your year to see the changes you need in your life, in the name of Jesus. A good way to see the miracles you seek come to pass is to do daily Bible study and to understand what you are reading, and then to apply what you read to your life everyday. Then you show your faith in the actions you take. For example, you see that I am writing, writing, writing and not giving up until I am published, and I will be published in a magazine and sure I won’t get paid, but this is the beginning. I will make it as a writer, I can feel it and I am taking actions towards this belief by continuing to write and by researching ways to get my writing published. I am also being more active in working out and not merely walking lots or riding my bike, but adding workouts at the gym to the “exercise” part and I have also been eating more apples and pears (fruits) and make a point to have veggies daily too. So study (read and hear God’s word in audio) God’s word daily, and actively show your faith in the things you do. Also, speak positive words over your life (speak the changes you seek as if they are already taking place). It has been working for me so it can certainly work for you as well.

May God bless you all, in Jesus’ name!


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