Blessings and Busyness

Hello my readers!

2014 has been a great year for me so far! In February, God blessed me with amazing new cellphones for both my main line and for my emergency line. Then as some of you know, I went to Australia in March to visit my cousin for a couple of weeks and that was an amazing trip full of blessings including getting my subscription upgraded at half the price it would normally cost – and this is news for my readers but I have been writing quite a bit since I got back and one of my short romance stories I posted on there called “Summers of Love: Elizabeth’s Story” was seen by the owner of a new magazine who absolutely loved the story and wants to publish it in his July/August edition of his magazine! I agreed since he will be giving me credit. Another blessing I received in Australia was money from my Nana which she left to me in her will. I used that money to buy some necessities (and some pleasure items like a romance novel) for myself and gifts for my family and friends back here in the states, and came home with quite a bit of the money left and it has bought me a ticket to the concert of my favorite band who will be playing here in my area later this month! It also helped me purchase a bike that God put in my heart to look for after coming back from Australia (another blessing in Australia was riding a bike for the first time in 14 years and I loved it!) and when I tried this one that I just brought home today (took me 2 weeks to pay the amount of the bicycle off) out in the parking lot of Good Karma Bikes (where I purchased the bike from)), I felt something in me say “this is the one!” Now some of you might think it wasn’t necessarily God speaking to me but it was and I know because I feel joy when I am riding it, and God helped me pay it off in 11 days instead of the 2-3 months it would ordinarily have taken me to come up with the full amount of the cost of the bike. The store thought because it was a Raleigh from England that they could jack up the price but God helped me get the amount needed in a shorter time than I expected! Yesterday (Wednesday), my concert ticket arrived in the mail, and I got to go to the beach earlier in the day, with my nephews and their nanny. On the way back to the car, we stopped by this “mall” and there was this store that had jewelry and stuff made out of seashells and some that were not made out of seashells or glass. I found a pendant of a cross that was beautifully made and bought it and a chain that fit around my neck and I bought it as a symbol to God of my love for him. Today I brought the bike back to my sister’s house and it is in my bedroom! It was last week (well started a week and a half ago) that I exchanged emails with the owner of the new up and coming magazine. Every author has to start somewhere and this is a great start! 1,000+ readers! If anyone is interested in the name of the magazine and wants to read my story in the magazine issue it will be published in, please email me and I will be more than happy to give you any of the information you want about it. So to recap February I got an amazing phone I love with God’s help, March I went to Australia and was able to cross off 2 things from my bucket list: 1) Going to Australia 2) Seeing Koalas and Kangaroos up-close; April I did lots of writing and one of my short stories got noticed and will be published this summer (so this blessing has long-term effects), got my concert ticket, and a bike I’ve been wanting for months now (even before my trip to Australia where I got to ride on one again), and the 1st day of May saw me bringing home my bicycle so May is already off to a great start and my concert is May 25th, and in between (2 weeks from now), on May 16th, my super adorable twin nephews whom I love to pieces will be turning 1!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that the door has been opened for me to have a steady writing job starting this month, God willing. For June, I anticipate receiving my copies of the magazine issue containing my short romance story and only God knows what the rest of the year will bring!

Before you think I am bragging, remember that I keep giving credit to God for all of these blessings I have been receiving in 2014. I mentioned them because I figure if I can be having such an amazing and blessed year, so can my readers! How did I receive these blessings? By honoring God and displaying my faith in his promises and thanking him when they came to pass. I am still looking forward to the blessings of full health restored to me, my relationships being restored (those that need it and whom God promised I would have a mended relationship with), my dream job, financial blessings that will enable me to stand on my own two feet independent from other people and relying only on God supplying all of my needs (Philippians 4:19). I believe I will see these promises come to pass because he has come through with the other promises he has given to me whether the ones written in scripture or ones he placed in my heart that are for me. What has God promised you? Are you believing God to honor these promises? Are you being faithful to him in service, worship, genuine love of him and of others (and a healthy love of yourselves) and with what you say, think, and do? Are you making an effort to make necessary changes to your thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, speech, and actions that God may have asked you to make to get rid of all ungodliness and please God? God loves attitudes of gratitude, joy, love, and peace. Your thoughts, behavior, action, attitudes, and words should reflect Christ. People should be drawn to you and want to draw closer to God because of the way you live your life. I am working on all of these areas in my life and thank God that he is patient with me. 2014 can still be your year as long as you believe in God and his mighty power which raised Jesus from the dead, believe God loves you, and believe God will honor all promises both from the bible and the ones he placed in your heart and display your faith in action. You must also confess to God when you slip up and ask forgiveness and then accept his forgiveness (and not purposely commit the same sin(s) again) and continue to love God, honor him, serve him, worship him, and be thankful to him for all he has already done for you. This is not work or chores if you truly love God. Dare to believe that God will bless you greatly as you are faithful to him. I just gave a testimony of the blessings God has blessed me with so far this year, and I hope that you, my readers, have your own testimonies to give your readers (and people in your life) about amazing things God has done for you and the great blessings he has given to you. I also hope that by the end of 2014, you can say in honesty “2014 has been an amazing year for me full of God’s blessings and favor! I am so thankful to God and can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!” May God bless you all in the name of Jesus!

P.S. The busyness has been mixed in with the blessings. I’ve been writing lots, spending time with my nephews, doing other things God has asked me to do (including helping others when I can), and it has been a good busy! I anticipate another busy month with my new bike (and God willing, the dream job God promised me, or a job that will lead to the dream job). I also anticipate health being restored to me and unexpected blessings I can’t even think of. I hope you are also looking forward to blessings from God, whether they be ones he promised you or things you’ve been thinking of that are from your heart that you haven’t really voiced to God out loud.

One final thing, so that no one can mistake it, I feel blessed that I was able to visit my cousin, her fiancee, and 2 of my aunts who were also visiting my cousin from England. It was great to be around people who actually liked having me around. Don’t get me wrong, some people at my church are always nice to me and seem happy to see me but I only see them once or twice a week (depending if they are there Wednesday evening for fellowship dinner and Bible study or not). Although I did see one of the ladies from my church today and she gave me an unexpected blessing I am sure God put in her heart to give to me! God is truly amazing!


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