Something Wonderful Happened

Alexis Malek

March 31, 2014

Something Wonderful Happened

Rose is a 26 year old teacher and author of children’s books and inspirational novels. She just found out her latest inspirational novel was being published and decided to treat herself to a lovely Italian dinner. She was supposed to celebrate with a friend of hers, but unfortunately she got called into work last minute so Rose went to the Italian restaurant solo to celebrate.

Rose left the restaurant from the back exit and entered a dark alleyway. She was about to walk home when something wonderful happened. She had just stepped outside and was about to trip and sprain her ankle when a handsome man whom she figured to be around her age appeared behind her and caught her just in the nick of time.

As he caught her, he said to her, “It’s okay, I got you.”

Flustered, she looked up into the face of the handsome stranger who had saved her from injury and accident.

The handsome young man asked Rose, “Are you okay miss?”

“Yes. Thank you,” Rose replied.

“My pleasure,” the handsome young man said to her and then let go of her after helping to steady her. “I was just coming out of the restaurant behind you upon finishing my shift here and saw the whole thing. I couldn’t let a pretty lady fall on my watch, so without thinking I reached out to steady you,” he added.

Rose smiled shyly and tried to hide her blush as she said, “Thank you. I tripped over a big stray meatball.”

The handsome young man smiled back and said, “My name is Scott. And who have I had the pleasure of rescuing?”

Rose laughed and answered, “Rose.” She cleared her throat then tried again saying, “My name is Rose.”

“Rose. A beautiful name for a beautiful lady. Would I be too forward to ask you out, or would a jealous boyfriend have a problem with that?” Scott asked.

Rose giggled and said, “I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m okay with you asking me out, as long as you don’t have a girlfriend, fiancée or wife.”

Scott smiled broadly and answered, “No girlfriend, fiancée, or wife. Would you like to have dinner with me on Saturday?”

“Sure. Okay,” Rose replied.

“Great. Can I get your number so we can make arrangements later?” Scott asked.

“Yeah. May I see your phone? I didn’t bring pen or paper with me this evening,” Rose replied.

Scott opened his contact list on his phone and hit “new contact” then handed the phone to Rose. Rose entered her name in the “name” field and then entered her cellphone number under “mobile number” and her home phone number under “home number” and then handed the phone back to Scott.

“Thank you. Does 6:30pm work for you?” Scott inquired.

“Yes. I usually start making dinner or go out to eat around that time,” Rose responded.

“I’ll call you later for your address so I know where to pick you up, then I will see you Saturday at 6:30pm,” Scott said.

“Okay. I don’t live too far away, so it will be easy for you to find me,” Rose replied.

“Really? You live nearby?” Scott asked. When Rose nodded her head in reply Scott added, “Perhaps I should walk you home then. You know, to make sure you don’t trip on anymore stray meatballs or on anything else and sprain your ankle.”

Smiling, Rose joked, “Maybe you should. I wouldn’t want to have to cancel our date due to a sprained ankle.

So Scott walked Rose home and took note of the street and cross street to where she lived so he knew where to pick her up on Saturday. Rose told Scott she would invite him in for hot cocoa (since she does not drink coffee and doubted he drank tea, which he confirmed that he is not a big fan of tea), but he probably had other things to do. He regrettably did have other things to do like go to bed since he had an early day the next day so he asked for a rain check on the cocoa. Rose told him to walk and then drive safely and they said goodnight, then Scott walked back to the restaurant to his car and drove home. As Rose let herself into her home, she couldn’t help thinking that God had been behind Scott being there at just the right time to catch her from falling and the smile she wore grew even bigger.



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