Bench with Interesting Phrase and Book About Prayer

“Gardening is an act of faith in the future” caught my eye when I saw that on this bench at a nursery (plants and flowers and a couple different kinds of birds like parakeets and chickens) were found there and this interesting bench. I had to take a pic of it the other day when I saw it and I thought it would make an interesting post. Hope you find it helpful or at least interesting. I am having fun here with my cousin and aunts and don’t wanna leave in Saturday. My cousin’s fianc√© very kindly bought me a book on how to pray when life gets too busy with the idea that I might pass the knowledge in the book or the book itself onto another Christian or someone who wants to be a follower and who wants to know how to make time to pray to God and how to pray to him. I shall read it as soon as I can since I am intrigued. Even though she won’t go to church because she and my cousin were told by someone very Un-Christian that God hates them, (I told them that’s not true and that God loves them both) it was thoughtful for her to buy me the book yesterday. It is 11:30pm and I am getting ready for bed so I will get off of here for now. I may (if I remember) take a photo of the book in case any of you may be interested in reading it. If you definitely would like me to do so feel free to suggest it in a comment to me or in an email. May God bring blessings and peace to all of you reading this and may he also heal anyone of you who needs healing.


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