Today’s Happenings in My Life

Today’s Happenings in My Life

Dear readers, sorry for the continued delay on my blog. But since it is not finished and I have some stuff on my mind, I hope you do not mind reading what I have to say. I went to Valley Medical Center today to get refills on my asthma medications (I have suffered from severe asthma since I was 11 years old, so for about 20 years now). I woke myself up earlier than usual so I wouldn’t be there all day waiting just to get the prescription refills given and then more time waiting for them to be filled, which is a good thing because by the time I got to the pharmacy this afternoon, they were behind and I waited almost 1 and 1/2 for them. But I got back to my sister’s house before dark so it’s alright. I got what I needed.

When I first got to the Rapid Medical Evaluation (RME) waiting room, there was this young mother with a baby there and she (the baby) was crying and the mother proceeded to yell at her and tell the baby that she was getting on her nerves. A minute later, she stopped playing with her cellphone and left the waiting room with the baby, for what I thought was to change her but the woman never returned. After she left, there was a woman in a wheelchair who came in right behind me, who I recognized from the ER waiting room, and she shrugged as if to agree with the look on my face at that woman’s attitude toward her baby. Then she said out loud what I’d been thinking about the fact that she was just a baby and I replied saying that I have two 8 month old nephews and they cry a lot and it means they need feeding, changing, or affection and that you should never yell at your baby because crying is all they know how to do to get their needs met (that was the gist of what I said). The woman agreed with me. Then I said that some people should not become parents, and the woman and verbally agreed with me and one of the other patients waiting nodded their head in agreement too. I thought to myself after the conversation ended there that instead of ranting about it on Facebook about bad parenting, that I might instead write something about it here in a blog. I stand by my statement that if you are a parent, guardian, or relative of a baby that you should never ever under any circumstances scream at them or tell then off for crying. You should find out why they are crying. Think: Did they eat recently? Are they hungry? Do they need changing? Do they just need some love and affection (to be held or played with)? Are they tired and need a nap? Investigate the reason for your baby’s crying and then seek to give him or her what they need once you have figured it out. I know sometimes it can be tough, especially if your baby is still at the stage of not sleeping through the night or you barely got past that stage and are still recovering from the nearly sleepless nights, and I understand everyone has bad days, but please don’t take it out on a sweet innocent baby who doesn’t deserve it and because they are unable to communicate through words and use crying as their indication they have a need that isn’t being met at that particular moment. I feel justified in saying this because I have been in the same house as two crying babies for 2 months now and I know at times it can be hectic and trying when they are crying a lot of the time, but I still manage not to yell at my nephews. Now when they get into some mischief or a potential harmful situation where they could hurt themselves, I gently tell them “no” and then proceed to pick them up so they don’t get hurt and either hold them or move them away from danger, but have never yelled at them. I hope this part of my blog doesn’t offend anyone because I do not mean any offense. I am just standing up for innocent babies who can’t help but cry who are unable to defend themselves at this point in their life.

My day got better after this. I was eventually called into RME registration and had my chest and lungs examined right there and they were clear which means it is my nose and sinuses congesting me, and at the time I couldn’t breathe because I was completely out of my inhaler (Ventolin) so when I mentioned this to the PA who had taken care of me on a few previous visits also (that I could not breathe), instead of just sending me off with my prescription refills, he ordered an inhaler. But I went back to the waiting room and found an allergy and sinus congestion relief pill from Advil in my pocket and took it and instantly I could breathe again! Hallelujah! Praise God! Which I did do, I did praise God silently in my thoughts. So I went back into RME and asked if I could just get my prescription refills and be on my way so a few minutes later I was given what I needed then headed over to the pharmacy. I ended up waiting for about an hour and a half in the pharmacy (not all of it though, about 10-15 minutes of that time, I was in the ladies room) for my prescriptions and was getting a bit annoyed because when I returned from the bathroom, I waited on line for about 20 minutes only to be told my prescriptions were not ready yet because they were behind and it would be half an hour and she would call my name so I wouldn’t have to wait in line again.

So what did I do? After waiting for 45 minutes, I stood up and went to stand back in line and a few minutes later, my name was finally called. This is the point in time when I received an unexpected blessing from God. I was expecting to pay at least $5 for each medication and had my debit card ready, but when I saw my prescriptions being rung up, the balance owed on each of the three said “$0.00” due for them and the lady ringing people up for their scripts told me to sign and after I signed, she gave me my three prescriptions and asked if I had any questions and I said I didn’t and she said to have a nice day! I couldn’t believe it! Free medications! I was so thankful to God I kept thanking him again and again in my mind. God is amazing and that was the 2nd blessing that day. The first blessing was having the bus arrive right after I got to the bus stop on my way to Valley Medical Center. While I had been waiting to receive the prescriptions for my meds, I couldn’t help think which card to pay them on because I wasn’t sure the money I needed to cover them was in my account yet and I couldn’t transfer anyway without wi-fi connection working but then it turned out I need not have worried! Words cannot possibly describe how thankful I am for this blessing of free meds. It is a relatively small blessing to many, but to me it means a lot.

My third blessing came after I got back to the house. It turned out I arrived back in time to spend some time with my nephews so I spent almost an hour with them before they got put down to bed an hour and a half before their regular bed time of 8:00pm because they were both crying and really wanted to go to sleep. But an hour with them is better than no time at all, even if they were unhappy half of that time. It breaks my heart when they are miserable. I love to see happy faces and hear giggles from them. I can’t help myself, I love both of my nephews to pieces! Before they were born, I was not sure how much I would love them and how much I’d be annoyed by the constant crying (I am being honest), but from the first time I met them when they were just under a day old, I fell in love with them both. I pray day and night to God that I can help them become children of God so that they can live their lives the right way and hopefully it will happen because I look at them and already know that God has an awesome plan for each of them for when they are fully grown (if not from teenage years then from early adulthood) and so I hope that somehow, without messing up God’s plan for my life, I hope I can help my nephews learn about God from an early age and keep up with it throughout their lives, steadily (as in I am there for them often enough for what I teach them about God to stick and to show them how to live godly lives).

May God bless everyone who is reading this blog with everything they stand in need of. I sincerely hope to have the blog that will answer questions and knock down the strongholds of human reasoning in regards to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible. “Knock down the strongholds of human reasoning” is part of a verse that is found in 2 Corinthians 10:4, for anybody interested. Thank you for your continued patience and thank you for reading updates about me in the meantime.


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