Update From Me About My Writing

Update From Me About My Writing

Hello my readers. I am sorry I have not written anything so far in the new year (2014). I am currently working on a blog that I started a week and a half ago but I am not finished yet. I am taking time with this blog because the blog will be answering questions and other difficulties preventing people from believing that there is only one true God, that God exists, or that the Bible is not fiction but God-breathed and God’s written word. I want to make sure that everything I say is in alignment with God, is correct, and that it leaves no doubt to anyone reading it that God exists, there is only One True God, Jesus Christ exists and roamed earth as man and died for our sins and was raised 3 days later so we could have a right relationship with God through Him and is coming back, but has not returned yet, and that the Bible is truly God’s written word. I have most of the references for people’s arguments about this subject and I started writing the actual blog, I just need to think of and then add in a couple of more reference (on the subject of Jesus) and then finish writing the article. I have not been working on this blog daily simply because I am pretty much a full-time Auntie to my adorable nephews, who turned 8 months the other day (January 16th)! One of them is already crawling and the other one I hope will catch up soon. I love them beyond words and I love spending time with them. A goal of mine I may not have mentioned in my previous blog (my New Years New Beginning blog) is time management. I have asked God to help me manage my time better so hopefully he will and I will find time to do everything God wants me to do and will have the energy to do it. It’s late and I am really tired so I am going to get ready for bed then hopefully go to sleep but I wanted to update my readers first and apologize for my silence on here. I have no idea when the blog will be finished, but I hope soon and I hope that everyone who will read it will find it helpful either in their own lives or for someone they know in their life who does not believe in God, thinks the Bible is fiction, or any other issues they may have regarding God, Jesus, and the Bible (and the Holy Spirit). Goodnight and God bless! I hope 2014 is finding you all blessed beyond measure by God! I still hold firmly to the belief that 2014 is our year (for God’s favor, prosperity, health, healthy relationships, situations being turned around, and so on). I hope you too believe this is your year and think thoughts, speak words, and take actions that support this belief. I am working to do all of the above in my own life.

P.S. Faith is key. Let today be the day you face your fears and let faith lead you to victory, in Jesus’ name! I pray in the name of Jesus for God to help me and anyone reading this who may be letting fear hold them back to face our fears and to no longer let it hold us back from doing what God is calling us to do in any area of our lives by the lies that it (fear) tells us. I pray (in Jesus’ name) instead that we remember whose we are and that God is in control and is faithful to honor all of his promises and will turn our bad situations around when we let go of fear and take the leap in faith that God has been directing us to take regarding something specific in our lives. Amen.

January 24, 2014 update

I have the blog pretty much completed, but I am having a hard time trying to figure out the order the paragraphs should go in because I wrote stuff for each verse quoted and so it is out of order (the paragraphs) right now. I promise I will figure it out. I think I am just tired. Thanks again for the continued patience. I hope you will all get something positive out of it once I have the paragraphs in the order they need to go in and am able to post it. Have a blessed night and a blessed weekend!


One thought on “Update From Me About My Writing

  1. wr1ghtlexi Post author

    I am making progress on the blog I am writing. I just need to write some stuff in relation to a couple more of the verses and then add an ending to the blog and that is it. I use several different verses as references to answer any questions and refute any issues about the existence of God and there being only one true God, about Jesus, about the Bible, and about the Only Way to God and to heaven.


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