Give the Greatest Gift This Christmas

Alexis Malek

December 4, 2013

Give the Greatest Gift This Christmas

I was commenting on someone else’s blog post about Christmas and mentioned something the church I attended in Miami did that I got to participate in during the Christmas season of 2011 and he (the blog owner) told me it was a great idea so I would now like to share it with ALL Christians in hopes the right eyes see it who have influences at different churches in different parts of the USA and all over the WORLD.

In 2011, I was blessed to be in Miami, Florida and attended Calvary Chapel of Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood, Florida (depending on if I was able to make it as far as the Fort Lauderdale one or the Hollywood one which was closer to me and met only Sunday mornings in a Theater in downtown Hollywood, Florida. Calvary Chapel did this amazing thing for Christmas that I got to be a participant in for Christmas 2011: They had raised enough money to buy I think somewhere in the thousand range of Bibles (there are a few different locations for Calvary Chapel between the Florida Keys and Plantation (which is past Fort Lauderdale and I think one may have actually opened up in Boca Raton too recently sometime in 2013 so a lot of Pastors, deacons, ushers, and church attenders) and made DVDs and CDs to go with each Bible and made them all into individual gift sets complete with 1 Bible, a DVD, and a CD all having to do with God and a couple of weeks before Christmas, the Pastor at each church location handed out at least 1 Bible to every single person who was in attendance at church with the instructions to pray over the gift set to God to ask him who should receive the gift of God for Christmas and then give it to the person God tells us to in answer to our prayer. After I received my gift set, I prayed over it and asked God to guide me who to give it to and then I ended up spending a horrific night at a homeless shelter on the floor but there was this mother and daughter there and the next morning, they invited me to eat breakfast with them and they even paid for my breakfast and the young woman’s teenage pregnant daughter asked me what it was (she pointed to the gift set) so I smiled and told her and she wanted the Bible so I gave her and her mom the gift set and they were very thankful for it. I haven’t seen them since because they were in the process of moving to a different state where they had family and wanted to be there in time for Christmas but I am confident in God that he made sure they arrived to their family’s home safely and have had their eyes opened to the Lord and how wonderful he is. Now after I first gave them the bible, the teenage girl opened it to John 3:16 (another part of what we were told to do: to suggest to the person we give the Bible to that they should read John 3:16 since it is the most widely known verse and is an important verse to know whether you are unaware that God gave his Son to die for our sins or if you already do know it is important knowledge to have written in your heart. Anyway, so she read John 3:16 and moments before receiving the Bible from me, she had been stressed about her baby and how she would raise her and other problems she and her mom were having, but after reading that 1 verse (John 3:16), a smile brightened her face and she told her mom and they both found peace afterwards, thanks to God. The comment I wrote on someone’s blog was about everyone at church giving the gift of a bible to one person (each) and he replied saying that it was a great idea and he hoped the right person read this and thought to do it for Christmas at their church and I commented back agreeing. I think it would be beyond amazing if all churches (true churches who preach and teach God’s word without adding or subtracting from it and actually follow God’s ways themselves (Preachers and other members attendees look to for spiritual guidance at their church) too) had the funds and the willingness to participate in this amazing idea of buying enough Bibles for the whole congregation including the leaders/ministers and each member having 1 Bible or more to give to someone not yet a believer but who has the potential to be one and has expressed interest in finding out about God like that teenage girl did that day at the diner we ate at for breakfast in early December of 2011 (Almost 2 years to the day actually). Think about it! Every single believer in God somehow gets an extra Bible and finds 1 person to bestow the gift of God (and invitation to salvation) on by blessing them with the Bible and talking to them about God as you hand the Bible to them. If everyone who is a true believer all over the world did this and all reached out to at least 1 person about God and gifted them a Bible, then think how many new believers we would have! The thought is too awesome to fully take in! I pray in the name of Jesus that people who can do this and are willing to will read this and bring the suggestion to their church members at their congregation no matter where in the world they are and will find it in their hearts to make a way to participate in this awesome gift for Christmas in time for this Christmas which is 20 and 1/2 days (or 20 for some parts of the world) away from now. May God bless all of you who read this!


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