Update and Preview of My Thoughts

Hello my readers,

I am still trying to shake the remaining symptoms of both the flu and my asthma but also still have faith God will heal me fully. I have a couple of different things I want to write about but first have to figure out how to say it. I heard a sermon at my church about how Great God is so gonna figure out what to say about that since I had thoughts I wanted to share with my readers to help inspire you into seeing how great God is. Of course it will take more than reading the bible or reading any of my blogs to experience God’s greatness. You will need to find out for yourself. And in the meantime, think about something amazing God has done for you or for someone you know and if he did something amazing for you then know that in your future, even more amazing things are in store. My current question, after tonight’s Bible study about what you need to stop doing and do more of to be right with God is this: What do I need to do to honor God and move forward with God’s plan for my life? What can I do to serve God in such a way that he will see that I am ready to work my dream job and be with my true love like God promised? I have faith God will give me the answers I need. What is your question to God right now? Is it on how you can be a better servant to him or is it self-serving? If you are unsure what question to ask God, maybe you too could ask him what is next for you (if you are in a place where you feel stuck). If you don’t feel stuck and life is good then maybe you don’t have a question for God right now, which is okay. Of course there is always room for improvement, which I have learned, so maybe you could ask what you can do to better serve God or help others. Go to Luke 3:8-14 if you need help in figuring out specifically what you either need to stop doing, or what you need to do more of. John the Baptist is asked by a few different types of people (a tax collector, soldier, someone in law enforcement) each asking what they should do after hearing John preach. He gives them each individual answers based on who they were and what they were currently doing and needed to do less of or more of. May God bless all of you and bring healing to anyone else who needs it (like I do), whether it be physical healing, spiritual, mental, or emotional or any combination. Whatever type of healing you need, may Jesus lay his healing hands on you and heal those of you who need it. I hope to write a real blog again soon. Thanks for stopping by to read and find out how I am doing and what I am thinking currently.


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