Judgment and Idol Worship Vs. Caring, Helping (the Poor), and Worshiping God

Judgment and Worship of Idols Vs. Caring, Helping, and Worshiping God

Beware to all who put money before God. For it takes someone who loves money and depends on it rather than trusting, loving, and depending on God to make judgment on those who are currently poor and jobless and need healthcare but the one who loves money will scorn the poor for getting the benefits Obamacare offers and getting any form of Government assistance. They also judge the one without a job as lazy and not trying hard enough to get a job. But be forewarned that if you are not punished while you are alive that come Judgment Day, the Only One who has the right to judge will judge you for your love of and dependence on money instead of God. Woe to those who do not repent while there is still time and turn to God and never idolize or worship money again by placing value on it over God. For it is God who supplies everyone’s needs (or God supplies the needs of His faithful children) and would supply the needs of everyone if they would only turn to him instead of worshiping people, money, or other objects instead of him. Read Matthew 7:1-6 to see what God says about judging others and then go to Isaiah chapter 1, Proverbs, and other books in the Bible that talk about the consequences of worshiping money or idolizing anything or anyone above God.

Love for God, faith in God, and trusting him to supply all of your needs is the foundation of a blessed life and a sign of faithfulness to our Heavenly Father. Obeying his laws and decrees and following his ways is pleasing to him. Those who serve the Lord willingly and wholeheartedly, who are kind to the poor and show warmth, kindness, compassion, understanding and willingly help them will find favor with God. It is Jesus’ 1st commandment to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and it is his 2nd – equally important commandment – to love others as Jesus has loved us and as we love ourselves. You must have a healthy love for yourself that comes from having a relationship with God and letting him reveal the way he sees you and realizing you were created in his image and God makes no mistakes, before you can love someone else. When you read about the sacrifice Jesus made (he died to save us from our sins) and you read about (and hear) all the people Jesus healed and forgave them of their sins (including a despised Samaritan woman as you can read about in John 4) and see all the miracles he performed, then you will gain understanding of the kind of love Jesus had for us. We are to love each other in the same way that Jesus loved us.

Which are you? Are you the person blinded by the false security money offers and serving the money, depending on it, and judging the poor and down-trodden; Or are you the one who knows that love and trust in money is useless and sinful and your trust and love are both in God, where it belongs? If you are the first kind of person, it is not too late to change your ways if you are willing to change and to love, trust, and serve only God and keep him first in every area of your life. If you are the second kind of person, keep it up and know God is pleased with you. If you are stuck in between, God can help you if you are willing. Let go of your unbelief and all other reservations you have about believing in God and bury yourself deep in God’s word to see how loving, forgiving, merciful, kind, patient, and giving the Lord God is to his children of faith (who put their faith in God alone). God longs for a relationship with all of his children but sin separates us from God and his love because God is holy and unable to be around the sin and uncleanliness that results of our sins. The moment you confess your sins and repent, God forgives you, as long as you are not holding a grudge against someone else. (Psalm 32, with emphasis on verse 5 talks about the forgiveness of sins and Matthew 6:14-15 and Mark 11:25 about forgiving others’ sins against you) If you are holding a grudge against someone in your life, whether yourself or someone else, let go of it and forgive them (or yourself, or realize God is not in the wrong if it is God you are angry with).  John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins.”

Repent of your sins, forgive others of their sins against you, and turn to the Lord your God in love, worship, trust, and faith while you still can. The rewards for following God’s ways and for loving him and trusting in him far surpass the fleeting comfort and security money or anything else you place above God has to offer. Eternal life is far greater than a 100 bedroom Mansion filled with expensive possessions and a bunch of cars that sit in the driveway but do not go anywhere (or any other physical wealth accumulated on earth). Peace, love, joy, and giving your cares to God trusting him to take care of them (which brings the peace and joy) are far greater gifts to be enjoyed while here on earth awaiting an eternal life in the new Heavens in the presence of the Lord.


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