Protein Shakes and Fitness

Alexis Malek

October 10, 2013

Protein Shakes and Fitness

Had an interesting discussion about protein shakes tonight at the fellowship dinner before Bible Study. A son of one of the church members was drinking a chocolate whey protein shake and a whole conversation opened up over it when he mentioned why he was drinking it.

So why was he drinking it? You may be thinking to lose weight, but you would be only half right. He also wants to body build (get muscles). He wants to find a balance between losing weight and gaining muscle. This was intriguing because usually people either drink protein shakes to lose weight or to help build muscle. This young man wanted to do both. Of course, you can’t just drink a protein shake or two a day and expect the kind of results he is looking for. You must balance protein, something else – another powder I think that helps specifically with muscle building (sorry for not remembering the name of it), knowing what healthy foods to eat, and exercise, including weight lifting.

There are two different types of protein powder you can use: whey or soy. Whey helps you burn calories faster, but if you are lactose intolerant I would be careful to make sure you read all the ingredients in the whey protein before buying it because many of them use dairy. Soy protein also has its benefits. You can mix the protein powder with either water or milk (or for the lactose intolerant, soy or almond milk or coconut milk). Drink one to two shakes per day. Usually it is best to drink one either before working out – whether it be walking, bike riding, or going to the gym – or after a workout so that you have more energy to burn more calories. Also, when you drink a shake before a workout, you won’t wake up all sore from the previous day’s workout, or at least not noticeable if there is any soreness at all (usually there is not).

What kinds of foods should you be eating? It depends if you want to just lose weight or if you want to build muscle too. But ultimately you will need to balance protein, good carbs (like wheat pasta or brown rice) and remember your fruits and vegetables. There are sites online you can look up to read more about the kind of diet would be best for you, or do the old fashioned way of finding out information if you can afford it and talk to a dietitian or nutritionist, or a professional body trainer who works with people’s specific needs. But if you are not able to afford professional help, there are sites online you can find that will let you know what kind of foods should be the focus of your diet and what to eat less of. Google is very handy. If you just want to lose weight, Jenny Craig is a good site to try out. You could also try just talking to a personal trainer and ask for some free tips and they will probably give you a few. The young man at the church wants to do body building for a living so someday he may be someone people can ask about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid and any other questions one might have about how to lose weight and gain muscle, whether you want to do it at the same time like he does or lose the weight first and then gain the muscle after you’ve lost the first 10-15 pounds. Planet Fitness and some other gyms are usually friendly and their personal trainers were nice about giving some free tips, which is where the suggestion to ask a personal trainer came from.

This blog is different than the other blogs that I have written. You may be wondering where the connection to God is. The connection is this: when we are a healthy body weight, we are less prone to getting sick and when we do get sick, we will be able to ward it off better as we build up our immune system by eating healthy and exercising to stay in shape. Our bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19; 2 Corinthians 6:16). Since our bodies are temples for the Lord and the Holy Spirit, we must treat them with respect and keep them healthy. The healthier our bodies are, and the healthier our spirits and minds are, the better we can serve the Lord. Whether or not you believe in God though, it is important to keep your body healthy so that you don’t develop health problems like heart attacks, Diabetes, or any other diseases caused by mistreating your body. However, when you believe in God, who exists whether or not you believe he does, you will be at an advantage because if you need help with disciplining yourself to eat right and exercise (even just walking or bike riding counts, or dancing) then you can pray to God for help and lean on his strength to help you. God is also the best Healer because he has supernatural healing powers so when you need to be healed and you call on him in truth, fully believing without a doubt that he can heal you, then miracles can happen! If you are not in physical shape, need to lose weight, or are not in good health then you can turn to God to help heal you and he will as long as you do your part by eating healthy, exercising in any way you can (whichever way works best for you whether it be walking, hiking, biking, or going to the gym) and staying away from toxic foods, beverages and toxic habits that harm your body. When you have a healthy body, you will live longer and be happier in life.

P.S. For those of you who do not read people’s replies to other people’s blogs, someone shared some interesting info on how to eat healthy. I will share this information right below.

“They might like reading Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride at Diet developed by a mom to help cure her son of Autism. Not a group of products but a guideline for eating optimally to help the body heal and perform optimally. Also and”

Thank you again to the person who shared this information with me! If anyone else has any helpful suggestions, please feel free to leave them in a comment! I enjoy getting health tips, especially ones I can share with others! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Protein Shakes and Fitness

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    1. wr1ghtlexi Post author

      Thank you very much! When I write these blogs, I think “if I can just reach 1 person, it will make a difference. ” When I end up reaching more than one, it is all the better because then God can receive greater glory.


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