Back From the Ladies Weekend Retreat

Hey everyone, since I got responses (likes) on my post about my going on a weekend retreat, I thought I would update you all. I had no cell phone reception most of the time, so I was unable to publish anything and I had no time to write anything either. We (the other 8 ladies and I who traveled there together) got there Friday evening and did like an introductory as to who we are and which congregation (area) of the Church of Christ we were from and sang a lot of songs. Saturday morning after breakfast there was line dancing so me and a few of the other ladies I went with tried it and boy was that a workout! Then there was crafts and I decorated a candle jar. I have pics that I am attaching and they include pictures of the decorated jar. Before leaving Friday evening to our trailers, we were given a lesson to read as a group and were to present what we learned so after decorating a candle jar, one of the other ladies I went with who was in the same trailer as me (actually it was called a Yurk. Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of it but it looks like a dome-shaped tent built off the ground though on solid foundation) who also did the jar decorated returned to our Pod thing we stayed in and the other 3 ladies we were sharing it with – 1 who rode with us both ways and two ladies who were sisters from Seaside, California, went over the lesson in a group bible study and rehearsed a skit based on what we got out of the study. It was great fun! After was a potluck which started at 4pm and then there was singing, and after the singing everyone presented their presentations and most did skits. Some did singing as part of their presentation of one of the hymns they knew that they believe connected with the lesson they learned in their study but my group got a bit creative in our skit. It was all great fun! This morning before leaving, me and my group (everyone I rode there and back with) made it to the beach on the camp site where we were at for the retreat with the lake. I also got pics of that! I took pics of some deer too because I kept seeing relatives of Bambi (baby deer) and their mamas and then I saw a few male deer too!

This whole weekend there was a ton of fellowship, including most of the ladies sharing personal stuff going on in their lives. The majority of us, somewhere between Friday night and this morning, ended up telling the others of some struggles we are going through in our lives and were asking for prayer and we also remembered to thank God for bringing all of us ladies together and for the amazing weekend we all had together. There were some rough moments, like Saturday night when I wanted to go to sleep at a decent hour but one of the ladies from the Seaside congregation decided to shower at 11pm and then had everyone talking until like 1:25am and we had to be up at like 8:30am… And then yesterday morning, all 9 of us who came together to the retreat missed service because 6 of the ladies in a separate trailer were not there in time with the van so we could load our stuff and the two of us waiting on the van didn’t want to leave it with the 3rd lady to pack out stuff. We got stuck in traffic so I missed evening service too. I got no church service this Sunday but I did make it in time for music, communion, and prayer that all came after this morning’s service before leaving the retreat. But aside from the rough times, it was fun. I was asked if I would return next year but I cannot make such a promise because no one knows what tomorrow will bring but God. Tomorrow is never guaranteed and I have no idea where I will be 1 year from now. I said that if it is God’s will I return that I will but I was careful not to make any promises. It was peaceful and quiet there (with the exception of last night with the ladies gabbing until almost 1:30am) and it was like 1:15am when one of them asked all the other 4 of us sharing the Pod thingy what our favorite moment with all 5 of us together was and we all gave our answers. The only other thing besides the few rough patches that bothered me was not enough time. We only had a couple of hours together Friday night, then Saturday, and then this morning and that was it. It’s a shame the ladies couldn’t find a way to do it during a time of year when people might be able to either take Friday AND Monday off or the whole week so we could have part of Friday and part of Monday and then all day Saturday and Sunday. But I enjoyed all of the fellowship done with everyone who was there and they all made me and all of the other newbies who was also their first time feel welcome (and the other new people new to the retreat were nice too). It was refreshing to be around outgoing people instead of people who are either more shy than me or who for whatever reason don’t tend to talk much (which is what it is like where I currently live at the moment).

If there are any ladies reading this who are members in Christ (believers), if you have never been on a Ladies Weekend Retreat, I would recommend it! You are not roughing nature (or I wouldn’t have gone, trust me!) but stay either in a trailer with whoever you go on the retreat with (so be sure to bring friends or family members or both) or in what I stayed in which looks like a tent but isn’t. It has a full bathroom (with a shower and a closet with clean towels and covers and sheets/bed linen) and a kitchen (microwave, refrigerator and freezer), and cabinets with plates, cups, a drawer with forks, spoons, and knives, and a kitchen sink. There are also two bunk beds that sleep 6 total. The 2 bottom bunks can sleep 2 people each if needed and the top one sleeps one person. You will have fun and make new friends and will enjoy a lot of fellowship, bible study, singing hymns, and fun activities (like I did the line dancing and crafts). It is not only fun, but peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. Remember, we were all born to be social (that is how God created us to be) and when we (believers and also potential believers) all band together, amazing things happen! You will temporarily forget your problems as you spend time with all the others and take in God’s beautiful nature scenes while you are there.


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