Going on a Weekend Ladies Retreat with Church Ladies

Ladies Weekend Retreat 

Hey all, I just wanted to say that if I do not post anything new it is because I will be going away and I don’t think I will be bringing my laptop. It is a weekend retreat that the Church of Christ (I attend the one nearest to me) is doing for the ladies. I will be going with 7 other members of my church and a lady from another nearby Church of Christ who will also be going on the retreat. Since the point is to get away, I am thinking that it would be a bad idea to bring my laptop so I will be leaving it behind. I do have WordPress on my phone, so if inspiration hits me I will either take notes and post later or I may post from my phone as a draft and if it looks okay I may publish it from my phone (but I usually like to post from my laptop or a computer because then I can edit what needs editing like tags and anything I may have forgotten). We will see! I have never been on one of these before and will be sharing a trailer with 3-5 other women (hopefully all from my church since they are familiar to me). We will be singing praise songs, there will be line dancing at some point, a pot luck Saturday night, prayer, group bible study, Sunday Morning sermon, Spiritual speaker (not sure when), and some other fun/relaxing activities which are optional like swimming (which I cannot participate in unfortunately). I am both excited and a little nervous about this weekend retreat! But I know God will be with me the whole time so everything will be okay (better than okay I declare). Whether or not I end up writing a new post between tomorrow and Sunday, I hope you all have an awesome weekend filled with blessings from God, peace, love, and (at least some) relaxation! I am thankful to God and to the people at the church I attend for making it possible for me to be able to go on this retreat this weekend. Oh and while on the subject of gratitude, I was able to start my gratitude journal! Okay, goodnight everyone.


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