Note About Me (Proud Auntie)

None of you know this, but I am an auntie! My sister gave birth to 2 fraternal twins 3 months ago (May 16th). I got to meet them when they were a day old but then I got really sick and was unable to see them for a while and then I saw them again last month (July) for my sister’s birthday. But then I didn’t get to see them again until today! Today I got to spend over 6 hours with them! I got to hold one of my nephews and feed him twice! And for both of them, I was on aunt duty looking after them while my sister and brother-in-law shopped for clothes for them (not the whole time but part of the time “daddy” was on daddy duty and then it switched to me being on aunt duty while he helped my sister buy a whole wardrobe of clothes). I had fun spending time with my nephews, even if they were crying half the time for one reason or another (that is what babies do though so it’s all good).  I just wanted to do a quick post about it because I am a proud auntie and I love spending time with my nephews!


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