The Difference Between Laziness and Doing Your Best

Alexis Malek

August 19, 2013

Difference Between Laziness and Doing Your Best

I am so sick of people accusing me of being lazy and assuming I sit around on my butt all day doing nothing when that couldn’t be farther from the truth, just because I do not have a paying job. I may not have a job that pays money, but I daily do the Lord’s work by continuing to encourage people in their faith, spread God’s word, helping others any way I can whenever I can (not always financially but I give my time, encouragement, love, and other things I have to give too), and writing. I believe God has called me to write since I have a passion for it and have since I was ten years old so I write almost every single day. I suppose though that someone not in the house of God (a non-believer) would not understand this concept though (that although I do not have a job that pays money that I work daily).

Why is it people lash out at people when there is something they do not understand about them? Why not take the time to ask the person about what you do not understand and try to understand and be understanding whether you gain understanding or not? Why is it easier to be rude and mean? Does it make you feel better to pick on others? You must lead a miserable life if you have to be mean and rude to others either to feel better or to make them feel as miserable as you instead of showing love, kindness, forgiveness and understanding, and respect to them.

Do you want to know who is truly lazy? It is not me. I cook for myself, I clean up after myself, I take care of myself (including showering regularly, doing my own grocery shopping – which I walk usually to the grocery store and sometimes I walk back too, and going to church and doing my own laundry when I need to and remembering to take my clothes out the washer and dryer when they are done washing and drying), and I do God’s work daily. But there are people who are fortunate enough to have a paying job who feel that because they “work hard all day” that it is okay to be unsanitary and not clean up after themselves in the shower, toilet or any other part of the bathroom or in the kitchen. They justify their lack of cleaning up by working hard all day but really they are just being lazy. Next time someone wants to call me lazy or a moocher, they should take a moment to think about their own actions, or sometimes their lack of actions, and walk a mile in my shoes and see what I actually do all day instead of sitting on my behind. Now for laundry I am more understanding usually because people do work all day most days and they may forget their laundry. However, if I have no clean towels and am out of clean clothes to wear and someone forgets their laundry, since I am not a mind reader or a diva, I gently remove their clothes from the wash (and once in a blue moon the dryer) and put my clothes in. Today both washers had clothes in them but the one I usually use downstairs was full and the one upstairs barely had anything in it. Usually I would take out the full load downstairs but I figured since there was barely anything in the wash upstairs that it would be more convenient for everyone involved to just do my wash upstairs. But the owner of the (barely handful of) clothes attacked me telling me it was their clothes I removed and how dare I when she works all day and I sit around and do nothing. I apologized three times even though she continued to attack me but she said she didn’t care about my apology and next time she will throw my clothes on the floor. That is extremely rude and uncalled for. If her clothes had been in the middle of a cycle, I would understand her being angry – though if her clothes had been doing a washing cycle I wouldn’t have touched them. She overreacted and said mean things that were uncalled for her to say.

She may have been the last person to call me lazy and accuse me of sitting around doing nothing, but I get it constantly from other people who are also non-believers who spend absolutely no time with me whatsoever and couldn’t possibly know what I do all day every day. Before you go around accusing other people of being lazy or “this” or “that,” take a moment to think and put yourselves in their shoes. Until you have actually walked at least one mile in someone else’s shoes and seen what they have been through and what they actually do, you have no right to judge them or to be rude to them. So what is the difference between laziness and giving it your all? It is not whether or not you have a paying job because you never know the circumstances preventing someone from working a “paying” job. No, the difference is what you do with your time. If you have a paying job, good for you! But if you don’t clean up after yourself in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else in the house then you are exhibiting lazy behavior. However, if you continue doing the Lord’s work and try to get a job and continue doing what God called you to do (in my case, writing) and you clean up after yourself in the bathroom, kitchen, and elsewhere and cook for yourself, do your own laundry, and do your own grocery shopping and take care of yourself in general then you are not being lazy. No job does not equal laziness, having an attitude that keeps you from picking up after yourself is what makes you lazy. I am not a lazy person. I work hard every single day to do God’s work and to try to get a job and to try to get my writing published. Therefore, focus on your own life and your own actions and don’t be so quick to judge others because only God sees everyone’s every move and only he has the right to judge others for their actions or inaction.

Nothing I said above was being judgmental of others, but stating a fact. I do not judge others for being unsanitary (even though I suffer because of it at times) but instead I tend to clean up after them silently without complaining. I do not judge others on anything they say or do or don’t say and don’t do. I do my best to display the characteristics of Jesus every day. I am not perfect and there are times I fail but I also do not go attacking other people for anything I see wrong in their life. I had to get this off of my chest because it has been bothering me for a long time now.

One final thought: I do not answer to other people, I only answer to God. Only God can call me into account for my actions and I know he sees my hard work and sees the injustice and everything that is done to me or against me. My God will justify me and vindicate me. God will bring victory to me in every area of my life because that is his promise, which is written in the Bible. Since I have gotten this all off of my chest, I will focus on God and his promises and not on my problems or what I don’t have. Instead I will be thankful for what I do have and for what I know God is working behind the scenes to do for me.


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