Unexpected Blessings From God

It is wonderful when God gives us blessings on things we have asked for, when he grants us the desires of our hearts or gives us what we need when we pray for it. So how much better is it when we receive unexpected blessings? How amazing to receive things we did not ask God for? Words would not be able to describe how truly amazing it is.

I received such blessings starting a few days ago. At first I was in shock, which I will explain, but then once I got over the shock I saw the first blessing for what it was (a gift from God). And this gift from God gave me another gift today. What gift, you may ask? Before I can answer that question I will have to rewind to June 28, 2006…

June 28, 2006 was one of the worst days of my life. I lost the only person in the world who loved me when my mom passed away. I was lost after her death for over 3 years and I am still working on finding my own way even today in the present day. A little over 4 years ago I met someone who helped me find my way again (only the problem is now they are lost and I keep praying for them to find their way back to God and to me). But let’s get back on topic. My mom and I were very close and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her or think of her. I have accepted that God needed her for a higher purpose and that is why she is gone, but it is okay that I still miss her.

The gift I received a few days ago, that had me in shock, was a message from an old friend of my mom’s who found me on Facebook asking if I was her (my mom’s) daughter and if she had the right Alexis. I wrote back telling her she did and had to be the one to give her the bad news that my mom had passed away. I talked about it to one of my mom’s other friends (about hearing from an old friend of my mom’s who I had never talked to or met) and the shock wore off as I did so and I was able to see that hearing from someone out of my mom’s past is a blessing.

Today I was blessed with old photos of my mom from back when my mom and this woman were friends a long time ago. They went on adventures together, it would seem. They went to concerts and traveled to another country together. This old friend of my mom’s said they never had a cross word spoken between them and that she has only fond memories of their time together. She didn’t tell me what prompted her to get in touch with me after all of these years but I am going to see if I can work up the courage to ask her. Or maybe I won’t ask her and I will just let it be because it is a rare gift that God has given me – the opportunity to learn things about my mom I didn’t know from a time before I was born.

I would like to thank God for this precious gift he has given to me. I will treasure it for as long as I have it. I am also believing for other blessings to come my way, ones I need to move forward in my life (and to get published so I can earn my living by writing). I know that since writing is one of my passions that this is what I am meant to do and how I am meant to make a living, as well as help others and inspire them too.


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