Inspirational Book I’ve Been Writing

Back in September of 2012, I started writing an inspirational book about my journey to God and my walk with him. My goal is to encourage others and let them know how they can live the amazing life God has planned for them and to inspire them and let everyone who will ever read my book that dreams do come true when you believe and work with God to make them a reality. I have most of the book finished except for the final chapter. I am hoping to finish the book soon so I can get it published and share what I’ve learned in my walk with God so far with other people who are interested.

For now, I am working on getting my other works of writing noticed so that I can be published and not have to wait for my book to be done and published to inspire others. I want to inspire others right now and I try to do this through conversation, status updates on Facebook and twitter, and the blogs I write. Then, when the time is right, I will finish my inspirational book and will get it published.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this. Most of the rest of my blogs will be stuff I hope can someday get published either in newspapers, magazines, or somewhere  where I can earn a living by writing and in the formats I have been writing: article form, short story, novel, and I guess “blog form” which could easily turn into an article if I needed to do it in that form.


One thought on “Inspirational Book I’ve Been Writing

  1. trinitygrau

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! May the Lord bless you! I am a Christian as well and I bless you for embracing who you are! I love the fact that you write and invite you to take a look at my blog! Once again: Go!


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